You hi guys my name’s Abby and we’re the bad girl and today we have an extremely exciting Halloween costume for you Ruby Rose okay Bella Carlin I just have a new black you haven’t seen the like outrageously popular show orange is the new black then this might not mean that time to you. But the good thing is is that this fashion you can also double is just like a convict coffee so it’s a good win-win for our audiences and also, if you don’t want to know like for any other classroom how to do tattoos on a character that has tattoos that you don’t have will tell you how to do that as well DIY tattoos people don’t think ustym yeah didn’t think you’d be done until we did it you just supposed to blow your mind yeah we blew our own mind cuz.


I didn’t know those are the things that we knew that so very excited add to show you all that and much more here we go to start this costume we’re first going to show you how to make the classic orange prison scrubs you can also opt for the tan ones they wear in the show, if you want as well first start with some plain white scrubs we found these for fairly cheap it won’t work next we’ll be mixing a batch of this bright orange fabric dyes start by filling a bucket with enough hot water to soak your scrubs in get them wet and then place them off to the sides next make your die according to the instructions ours is set to mix it in a small amount of hot water and then add it to our larger bucket of water make sure you stir it all really well then add your white scrubs and completely submerge them in the dye we left them in the dye for about 30 minutes after 30 minutes we run them out and then rinse them out in some water let them dry and you’re all done to make her prison nametag we were lucky enough to find a blank one online which we will definitely link below, and we added a picture of Stella Carlin aka Ruby Rose.

And filled in her name you could also do any character or even yourself, if you want we’ll be using clear packing tape as laminate and cover both the front in the back and cut off any extra use an exacto knife to cut up the loop at the top of the nametag next you’ll need a badge clip that you can get from any office supply store loop it through the hole and you are done to recreate Ruby Rose’s hair style we needed to fake a pixie cut with a side shade start by parting her hair on an angle to one side slicked back the side with some hairspray to get that shaved look hairspray and tease the other side to create lots of volume pull your hair back into a ponytail keeping one side super tight and the other side a little bit looser leave any pieces of hair out for now that won’t reach bobby pin back the extra pieces and gently smooth back the tease decide to create that side swept back look we decided to finish by wrapping the ponytail into a bun to add that shorter hair look Dimmick ruby roses tattoos we started with her finger tattoos using a thin waterproof black liquid eyeliner draw out the words just love with one letter per finger to make our arm tattoos you’re going to need this printable tattoo paper this allows you to print your own temporary tattoos using an inkjet printer at home we’ll have a link to where you can buy this below next we photoshop together a super rough attempt at a copy of Ruby roses tattoos we’ll link our inspiration photos below as well as the imitation tattoo files that we made keep in mind that we aren’t trying to intentionally use any copyrighted characters we’re just creating a look for a costume print out the tattoos on your tattoo paper you only just stick on the clear cover that your tattoo paper comes with once your ink has dried fully cut out all of her tattoos and it should look like this to apply the tattoos we definitely recommend looking at the reference photo we use to get a better idea of the placement start by using some rubbing alcohol to prep your skin peel off the plastic cover and place your tattoo upside down on your arm hold a wet cloth over top for a few seconds or until you feel the paper starting to slide and become unstuck you’ll off the paper and you should have a pretty sweet temporary tattoo we chose to do some of her more noticeable tattoos like the Ninja Turtle the Gumby the samurai Pizza cat the pink diamond the dog and a few others don’t forget her neck quote tattoo as well we found that we had to resize the dog slightly.

Because the hand is a hard area to lay the tattoo on as a final step and brush translucent powder all over the net ooze to remove the shine which can make them look fake and it helps them last a little bit longer we decided to style Ruby in these tan scrubs we found from the thrift store for about five dollars to be a little bit more authentic to the show. But you can definitely switch them up for the orange ones we showed you how to make earlier as well, and we finished off her look by adding a long white sleeved shirt underneath and some white sneakers all right hope you guys liked that tutorial it’s at not too complicated and it’s really great for a group costume or a couple costume you can get the guards in there which is just like a blue shirt in like black pants also really good for like Canadian Halloween I know a lot of times people complain that oh your costumes are like shorts or it’s way too cold to wear that anywhere outside. But this is like a full-on pants and a shirt warm comfy good together you can wear the long please it’s a maybe get one those ugly like orange jacket just like complete Silla perfect and yes like we said use this to be kind of just like any prison or any character from Orange is the new black you could be you whoever you look most like yes or do a group costume all that awesome stuff yeah, if you’re possibly so awesome I saw couples oh they look so sweet just like eight friends rollin up as like oh so good and, if this costume wasn’t your thing I’m sure you guys know by now that we have lots and lots of Halloween costumes on our blog we do like half a dozen every year Halloween question tutorials and we’ve been doing it yeah for five years so as a tall open we have a lot of posts. So we do get a lot of new views at Halloween just.

Because we have a lot of Halloween classroom trails and people like to look up Halloween costume trails so, if you are one of those people that have commentd this Halloween or previous Halloween and you should become a commentr this Halloween, if I showed out and welcome to the TSG fam we hope to see you guys here more often and not just at how many time cuz we do do do eyes we do do do do do do DIY is all year-round yeah and, if you’re into that kind of stuff we do now you’ll probably get just the kind of stuff with you all year round so make sure you comment true that on trend yo screw that sticking up yeah next week we’re actually get doing a really exciting held in costumes that is an internet memes, and we rarely do these we did less sharks. But we’re doing another one this year that is something timing that happen this year that could we turn it to a costume let you guys guess below what that could be yeah and get excited it’s pretty good so make sure that you are commentd to see that next week as well and, when we releasing that one this Thursday just. Because there are any enough Tuesday’s than Halloween yeah so true. So we gotta put stuff up earlier so that’ll be up in only a few days to make sure you’ve commentd that this week and next week we have more posts than just on Tuesdays.

Because you Michael said we just have too many costume tutorials and not enough days until Halloween so hopefully you guys are getting excited for Halloween get excited with us stay commentd and be excited for future content company described become comment. Because comment and, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you stop it and we’ll see you guys not next Tuesday we’ll see you sooner bye.

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