Hi my name is Abby we are the starter girls and today we’re gonna take you on the journey of figuring out what’s the deal with this boring white wall behind us we definitely heard your comments we know it’s kind of plain you guys are like this is so not the bad girls approved we’re gonna take you behind the scenes as we figure out what to do why on this wall and also install some studio backdrops that we have background options, when posting our posts before I get too much further we want to thank Leno for sponsoring this post and sending us this sweet Lenovo yoga book we can’t wait to show you all the features that are packed with this little guy how its gonna help us bring this whole wall together for this post we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show you some of our process and where we’re going to start with coming up with an idea for this DIY.


So we take ideas from Pinterest Instagram trends things you see out in the world I actually saw a nail art in a store. And I would love to recreate it with our logo. But we also need to figure out how to do nail art on a wall. But make it temporary the Lenovo yoga book is an amazing tablet in an overall tool in like all things creation for us the halo keyboard responds so much better than typing directly on a tablet screen and the keyboard is way less clunky than a travel keyboard that you would have to add on to any other tablet this is only here, when we need it now that we have some ideas we’re going to sketch them out we’re able to use our yoga book to take a photo and bring it into our range mummy can use the real pen stylus tip to draw over the photo and sketch up some of our ideas you know what they say sketch twice DIY once we want to make sure that we’re really sure of our idea before we go out and spend money on supplies so, if you haven’t already gathered prep is the most important part of a DIY project to ensure a smooth assembly the last type is to make a list we do this for every single DIY without fail and today we’re using the yoga book and our real pen in ink mode ok we’re searching out the styles for ink in our pen and then making our list and digitizing our notes into notes here this is a slightly more streamlined list making method than that mess over there alright so we’ve gathered our supplies for the accent wall we decided to go with foam core instead of wood we went for roofing nails which are shorter.

But have a large head and lastly we printed our logo design as large as we wanted you can use a poster rasterizing website to help you do this we taped our design together to create one large image we taped it in place and cut out our foam core to the right size we’re doubling up on foam core to make sure our nails have enough room to sit in now it’s time to get nailing push the nails into the foam and trace around the entire image it’s that easy once our logo is fully traced carefully rip out the paper from under the nails we try to repair the paper to the side instead of straight up. So we didn’t pull out the nails we love how this turned out and since our final product was pretty light hanging it was super easy we used wall sleeve velcro strips add in one strip on each corner of the logo and then with the sticky side exposed we press the nail art onto the wall and you’re all set so here’s the supplies we gathered for our photo backdrops we picked up three curtain rods the curtain rod hanging system was from Ikea, and we will link it below we also got four heavy weight bearing drywall plugs we measured out where we want the rods to hang and screwed the brackets into the wall with the wall plugs this curtain rod system has the option to add on up to three rods. So we made sure to add enough hooks for all three here are the two fabrics we picked up a crushed velvet gray and a champagne of sequins we rolled out our fabric and place one of the curtain rods on top using some strong tape we taped the end of the fabric in place we hung the rod on the curtain hooks and began to twist the rod our fabric rolled up neatly and it’s ready to use our final supply was this row of white seamless paper we taped the end of it onto the remaining curtain rod the same way we did the fabric we found this one easier to roll up on the ground and then we added it onto the curtain house wine our clips can be used to keep your rolls neat, when you’re not using them we love how this whole wall came together and can with use it in upcoming posts thank you so much for joining us on today’s journey in DIY and decor for this wall behind us we’re so happy with how our hanging backdrop turns out it was so inexpensive and super easy to do it’s a great addition to rest studio and you’ll be able to spot it in all the posts coming up and, if you’re a photographer or postgrapher definitely give this one a try thanks again to Lenovo for collaborating with us on this post and for our new yoga books we’ve never had a tablet before and you guys really showed us that we were missing out this entire time let us know what three colors you would choose for the backdrops coz the struggle was real new went to the fabric store to try on shoes and we’re so down to switch them out soon for new posts so let us know what we should do, if you guys liked this post make sure that you actually liked it by giving it a thumbs up and, if you love this post make sure you actually comment it. Because we want to grow up a fam and that way you don’t miss out on posts that we’re making I think you’re reading guys we’ll see you next time bye got it I and before you go make sure you check out the other creators in this lenovo series some tons of people in this and make sure you watch our posts so miss you will love them.

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