Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Modern Outdoor Design Ideas
A Fresh Start with Paint
If you don’t want to do any creative painting but want to spruce up your outdoor space, give everything a fresh coat of white paint. You’ll have a new look instantly. Every year, before I open my store for the season, I paint the floor with alternating wide stripes of blue and yellow. It has the look of a covered porch in a tropical setting. The walls are white and I have delicate wire plant stands in hunter green. A white slated porch swing hangs from the ceiling and we stenciled bright blue morning glories across the back. Everything looks fresh and new, even though it’s just the same old floor and walls underneath it all. Now I’m ready for summer.
Remedy for Rusty Furniture
A customer told me that he had painted an outdoor swing and now it needed a new coat of paint. He wanted to change the color. I asked if it had been varnished, which it had. If you have a similar problem, the solution is to sand all surfaces lightly, then coat with Bin to seal it. Let this dry. Then apply outdoor paint in the color of your choice. Some brands of outdoor paint are now available in a satin finish, and the range of colors was created to match house trim and nature. Most outdoor paints can be used on wood, wicker, and metal.

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