Modern House Decoration Ideas

Modern House Decoration Ideas

How to Use Ladders

When dealing with the outside of a house ladders will generally be needed to reach gutters, upper windows, etc. If an extending ladder is available this will suit the purpose very satisfactorily. If only two short ladders are available, then these must be joined together by the method known as “splicing”. Obtain one knot of sash line, which cut into two equal parts is usually long enough to make the two ties required to make the ladder secure. First the ladder which is to be spliced is placed against the wall, then the other, usually the shorter of the two, is laid upon it. To raise the underneath ladder a sash line is applied as shown in Fig. 54. The ladder is then pulled up until it is at a suitable height and two rungs come opposite each other. The rope is then passed to the sides of the ladder as shown in Fig. 55, and must be wrapped tightly round in an orderly manner. Note how a small wedge can be introduced in order to tighten up the rope.

The principle to be observed is to work downward with each coat.

When the bottom part has been satisfactorily secured it is safe to ascend the ladder with the other half of cord and make

Place the longest ladder against the wall, then lay the shorter one upon it. The rope is applied as shown and the longer ladder raised until it is at a convenient height and two rungs come opposite each other.

The rope is now passed from the rung to the sides of the ladder, where it is wrapped round tightly and neatly. Note the small wedge which is sometimes introduced in order to tighten up the rope a similar tie to the top rung of the shorter ladder and the adjacent rung of the long ladder. The ladder is now ready for use.

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