Modern Home Design Accessories

Modern Home Design Accessories

Rocking Chairs

The earliest rockers were simply chairs -usually unrelaxing ladder-backs – with bends attached to the feet. The early nineteenth-century Boston rocker was the first to allow the revolutionary new notion of comfort to influence the design – it has a curved seat and arm rests. Thereafter, modifications and improvements were made: in the 1860s the Austrian Michael Thonet designed the classic bentwood rocker, whose elegant curves were copied in metal – the “digestive” chair. English chair-makers produced their own versions – cane-seated rockers and the swing rocker that sits on a stable base and takes up much less room than a conventional rocker “digestive” chairs. Less graceful, but also less space-demanding, are countrified swing rockers, most of which have creaking springs and wobbly bases.

Wicker chairs with squashy cushions make wonderful dining chairs if you have the space. For nostalgic appeal, look for the closely-woven machine-made chairs which were produced after Marshall Lloyd patented his new loom in 1917 in America. These chairs can be given a new lease of life if you paint them in the dusty pinks and grey-greens of 1930s “Art” colours.

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