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Modern Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Modern Decoration Ideas For Living Room

The Ironwork

The painting of ironwork is dealt with in Chapter Eleven.

Little further need be said here upon that subject except to emphasize the special point there made that it is of the greatest importance that all gutters, downspouts, railings and other external ironwork should be kept well protected by paint, and that corrosion should never be allowed to begin. Once begun, it is not easy to check.

There is, however, one item of ironwork on many houses which requires a rather special treatment, and that is the stack of iron piping carrying the waste from the w.c.

A Special Item

This is called the soil pipe, and .it generally consists of a number of lengths of piping similar to rainwater pipes, but somewhat heavier in construction.

These pipes are usually treated, during manufacture, with a black compound called “ Dr. Angus Smith’s Solution”, and this is of a bituminous nature and has considerable protective quality. It has this disadvantage, however, that, if ordinary paint were applied over it, it would not dry readily, and would turn a very unpleasant colour owing to the bitumen eating its way through.

In course of time, however, this black coating begins to decay, and the pipes then need fresh protection. Or, because the black colour is not acceptable, it may be desired to paint the pipes even when new.

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