Modern Decorating Living Room

Modern Decorating Living Room

Treatment of New Timber

There is no greater blunder possible, for instance, than the all too common practice of painting over new timber which contains moisture. It is not sufficient that the surface should be dry. There should be no moisture contained beneath the surface, in the fibres and pores of the timber.

If such moisture is present it will be converted, sooner or later, by the heat of the sun, into steam, which, of course, expands, and, in seeking an outlet, lifts up any paint which has been applied over it. Thus we get blistering, for which there is no cure save the complete removal of the paint.

Avoiding Later Trouble

Much annoyance and a great deal of unnecessary expense would be saved if all those interested in building, either as builders or owners, would insist that all newly prepared timber work should be properly seasoned and given at least one good coat of priming paint before it leaves the carpenter’s shop. Much new unpainted woodwork is allowed to be exposed to the weather during transit or during the time taken in erection, with disastrous results later.

Unhappily, however, this matter is outside the control of many house owners. By the time they come into possession or occupation the damage has been done, and the woodwork is carrying paint which has blistered, cracked or flaked, or all three.

In such cases there is only one thing to be done before repainting, and that is to remove the old paint.

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