Modern Decor For Living Room

Modern Decor For Living Room

Bolder wallpaper designs are prominent, both in traditional and contemporary interpretations. Design (above) from James Seeman Studios, Inc., comes with either sand-textured or flocked overlays to emphasize its tapestry-like character.

The wrapped or totally upholstered look is a favored one in modern furniture design. Chair designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin is a case in point. Undulating abstract print of stretch Caprolan nylon assures this tight, wrapped, upholstered look.

See-through furniture contributes a special quality of its own to living room design. Sleek, molded plexiglas table and chair are displayed here against abstract patterned carpet of Herculon olefin fiber. Glass and plexiglas furniture are interesting accents; they also take up space without really seeming to.

An antique fireplace (left) serves as a focal point for an apartment living room that also functions as a library and den.

Wall-length storage is provided by attractive arrangement of teak cabinet, which offers a variety of storage facilities including a drop leaf mirrored bar.

Comfortable, modern upholstered furniture and glass-topped tables, by Dux, are teamed with period accents, such as fireplace, oriental rug, clock and vases.

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