Mason Jar Snow Globes For Christmas DIY

I have two helpers here named Isabella and Presley and what are we go on make girls? Snow Globes. Were go on show you the tips to make it super easy mason jar snow globes. So the first thing is what you’re going to need to make your mason jar snow globes. So you’re going to need mason jars obviously. We got three because we’re each doing one and just to have three different sizes we thought we’d look good. You’re also go on need some ornament flakes. You can get these at your local craft store or glitter. We chose trees and a little snow girl. But basically any figurines that you’re going to want to go to glue in. You’re go on want some glycerin, you’re going to want water, and you’re going to want glue, and you’re good to go. So what we’re going to do is take our mason jar go on take off the lid.

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We’re going to place our figurines on the lid where we want to glue them and make sure that but mason jar can fit back over top and then were go on glue it. So while our little figures and trees are drying from the glue we’re go on take about, what was it a tablespoon, a tablespoon of this glitter, which again you can get at your local craft store, and put that into each jar. Ok so we’ve got our snow in here and our next step is to fill it with water. So you want to fill it up to a place that will give room for your figurines because the water will disperse once you put the lid on with the figurines. And then after that you’re go on add three to four drops of the glycerin and what the glycerin will do is actually make the snow fall in a slow motion format.

Ok so next, once our figurines have dried ,which they’re almost dry, then you’re go on take them out of here, you’re going to take your glue you’re go on put it around the rim and then you’re also go on put it around the edges of here to make sure once it turns into the snow globe that none of the water leaks out. So then it’s the moment, after you put your glue on you put the lid on. Flip it upside down give it a good shake. And there we go we have a snow globe. So I hope this has inspired you with the super easy Christmas craft that you can do with your little ones and if you have a favorite Christmas craft please leave it comment below I’d love to hear about it.

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