Huu! This is gonna look so good. Whoa that looks good! Hi, everyone. My name is Kelsey and we are TheSorryGirls. We are super excited for today’s DIY because we are going to try and make the same project for both $30 and $300 I don’t know why tried to do that with my fingers?! I don’t have 300. We’ve teamed up with TD for this post and they gave us $300 and challenged us to see what we could DIY with that $300. This is all inspired by the newly improved TD unlimited checking account.

Alright, so we decided to make a gorgeous marble table with gold hairpin legs let’s start with how you make the $300 version. To make this $300 version marble and hairpin table we picked up a piece of Carrara marble you can get this from your countertop or tile store the price totally varies but we got ours for 180 bucks our hairpin legs are $100 total for all three of them. You can just do a local search or also buy them online. We got some liquid gold leaf paint from our local art store which was 10 bucks and some construction adhesive glue which was also $10. So the first step is to paint our hairpin legs this gorgeous gold. Although I’m kinda liking this color too, but it’s gonna look so much more luxe if it’s gold. So our table legs are all painted gold and dry the next step is to glue these on.

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I’m just going to use a construction adhesive because it’s not really easy to drill into stone. Especially screws I don’t know how that would work, so we’re going to glue it. Put this on the back, no problem. I got it.

Okay, okay, okay, okay? Okay? Okay? So, let’s get these lined up. Now I’m just going to apply a generous amount of construction adhesive on the bottom here. And I’m going to leave this for about 24 hours to dry. It’s been 24 hours, and it’s all dry. This is what the final looks like and I’m so excited this looks more than $300. Job well done. Alright, so now we’re going to see if we can try and replicate that table for $30 only that’s going to be a challenge but I’m really excited to try it.

The materials we picked up to make this table are three of these toilet paper roll holders that you get from the dollar store and they were two dollars each. This marble contact paper from the dollar store that was a $1.25 this can of gold spray paint that was ten dollars and this MdF board that was nine dollars. So the first step is going to be to make these legs nice and gold so I’m going to take these three toilet paper holders and spray paint them nice and gold.

All right, so while those dry. I’m going to work on making the table top. I’m going to cut it out of mdF. I want to make my circle 24 inches wide so I’m going to draw that out right now. All right, and now with a Jigsaw i’m just going to cut out my circle So it turned out not bad at all. I’m quite impressed, so I just need to clean up the sides a little bit with an electric sander. All right, now it’s time to marble-ify this tabletop.

I have some marble contact paper from the dollar store and I’m going to have to do this in part since my paper isn’t that wide So I’m going to use two pieces to cover the top and then strips to go around the outside. I’m not going to worry about the bottom because you honestly won’t see it All right it’s starting to look really good so I’m going to flip it over and then cut off the extra using a little x-acto knife. All right Woah! That looks good So smooth too contact paper is blessed to work with. I love it! So the final step on the tabletop part is to do the outside bit so I pre-cut these little strips of contact paper that are the same thickness as my tabletop, and I’m going to put those around the outside.

All right, so my faux marble tabletop is complete and looking very marble-ly if I do say so myself. Now my gold table legs are dried and also looking amazing, gold makes everything better I swear, so we’re just going to attach them to the bottom now. So I have this Super heavy-Duty construction glue I’m just going to glue the legs and stick them on, tape them in place and let them dry for a full 24 hours. So it’s been 24 hours our glue has finally dried now it’s time to take the tape off and see if it actually held up. Oh my goodness, okay, that’s not bad for $30 Let’s see how this holds up to the 300 dollar version. Okay, so both of those versions $30 and 300 turned out pretty good. And they’re both actually really really easy to make but I think as far as looks go I definitely have to give it to the $300 version.

But that’s still cheaper than you might find it in the store for. I’ve seen them way expensive. If you don’t have $300 laying around to spend on this DIY don’t you worry! To all our Canadian viewers find out how you could get $300. Start by opening the newly approved TV unlimited checking account head to by clicking the link below to learn more. Thank you guys so much for reading this post as always if you liked it make sure you give us a like and if you love it make sure you sub it. We’ll see you next time.


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