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I want the props they put me some of this awesome so next where I had nowhere to naperville we’re gonna take a look some luxury townhomes called timber Grove. But before we do that I stopped real quick i’ma show you downtown Naperville it’s really nice since this community is so close to it I want to show you the Riverwalk some downtown restaurants and kind of give you a feel of the place let’s go hey Adam how you doing being ready for a tour welcome to our beautiful model home here at tempered Rove of Naperville well these are really attached single-family home so they do live like a normal single family home with the size of a single-family home. So you do have the three-bedroom option with an upstairs bonus space you also do have a four bedroom you do that extra space upstairs also you can even finish the basements off here to make up to five bedrooms and three and a half full bathrooms it is well this is our nottingham plan so this one is one of our three bedrooms with a loft and it isn’t it just an amazing open concept as you look around the home here you see nothing.

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But natural light you have the 10-foot ceilings the six-foot tall windows this sense of grandeur is something that nothing else stacks up to David Weekley standards it’s our life design it’s all about our massing and proportions that we do well we try to take all the rooms have a nice sense of grandeur and feel really special so every single space in the home here has it’s almost to strength, if you will kind of showing off the area showing off the cabinet showing off what’s around the next corner beautiful high-end finishes you have the granite countertops you have these gorgeous ornate back splashes and the stainless steel appliances the tall ceilings just make you feel like you’re in an amazing space that’s really unlike anything else on the market a neighbor vault well what’s included in this kitchen we mean is a great look again well that’s a great question really everything that you see here without the exception of the curing and some of our decor items and our delicious baked bread over there everything’s gonna be part of the package for you it’s just a question on your personal preferences you’re in the early stages right now were you able to come in and have your choice on the finishes so, if you like white cabinets we have gorgeous backsplash to complement that, if you like the darker espresso. So you can go that route and you have gorgeous selections that will complement that as well. So we definitely have some good options for you to pick from. But all of our homes are finished the same caliber that you see here with our model all right Sean here is your master suite so Adam what’s this Green is good for David Weekley Homes you asked me about that green is definitely the way that we build home so that’s the way you want to be able to purchase a home fill having green technology is going to save you green on your utility bills worth actually environments for living certified.

So that means all of our homes have to go through rigorous inspections throughout the building process so what are some of the things you do to make sure they’re energy efficient or 2×6 wall construction here all these windows are also low heat so they’re not gonna create that greenhouse effect for, when your end up in the houses at the Summer Sun sweltering down on you you’re not gonna feel that kind of confinement bear with you well you’ll always have a nice consistent temperature in your home I’ll show you some more about that downstairs to where all the action happens right all right so this is all about energy efficiency in this basement where you learn a couple things about David Weekley Homes here and what we got here it certainly is we have insulated walls in the basement once you get down below ground here the temperatures are going to get pretty stable below this four foot point here. So we insulate all the areas that are unstable above that keep your temperatures consistent throughout the year you’ll also notice this soil knocked over here it’s a fresh air intake system your home is always gonna have fresh air circulating throughout the it’s conditioned it’s heated to make sure that you’re always breathing fresh air and your your David Weekley coffee you also do see all the ductwork in the home we don’t just use duct tape we use this amazing mastic product this is a rubber cement that goes around all the joints in the duct work to make sure there’s no leakage, and we test it, and we certify it to make sure that it’s really true we actually do a duct blower test at the pre drywall stage of all of our homes. So we actually blow air through the ductwork to make sure there’s no leaks anywhere secondly in our final test is the blower door test where we depressurize the entire home with a big fan and then that actually make sure that there’s no leaks in the windows and that’s how our homes get their energy efficiency ratings you even have a state-of-the-art high-efficiency furnace ninety three percent efficiency so it’s gonna be running without needing all that extra energy or gas consumption and you’re gonna have a great product at the end of the day over here in a very very green home with David Weekley a tempered bro I was downtown checked it all off is early do you want to tell the folks about downtown Naperville I could go on for hours about downtown Naperville it’s just a fantastic place to live overall I mean you have one of the highest accredited school systems with district 203 out this way district 203 new construction is few and far between we are definitely the price point leader from all new construction amazing school system our elementary middle school are both within about a mile of us their rate is perfect scores neighbors settlements right down the street from us over here you’re a short bike ride away from all the extreme activities that you have to do in downtown Naperville shopping dining galore you have the Riverwalk you have everything pretty much right at your fingertips over here at timber grove ok thanks for the tour you see writing some common Shaun is great to see you again you’re welcome back anytime thanks a lot Kate easy.

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