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Luxury Home Design Ideas

Luxury Home Design Ideas

What’s My Style

If you haven’t yet figured out what your style is, there is a big interest in the Eastern philosophy of decorating called Feng Shui. The idea is to help you achieve inner peace through knowing which side of the room to place your bed on and what it means when your desk isn’t facing east. These are among other interesting questions of room arrangement and decoration found in posts on this subject.

SO House and Garden Tburs

More people are interested in and enlightened about style and interior design than ever before. Some are very definite about what they like; others aren’t sure, but are open-minded about trying new directions in decorating. Everyone is curious about how other people decorate. This accounts for the popularity of the house and garden tours that are blossoming all over the country, especially in

resort or historic towns. They offer a wonderful opportunity to see a variety of decorating styles, to get ideas for adapting in your own home, and to broaden your awareness of the use of colors, furniture styles and arrangements, arts and crafts, collections, and garden design.

How Houses Are Selected

House and garden tours have proved to be a successful way to raise money for charitable organizations. All across America, but especially in fashionable areas, a group of houses that is deemed special is chosen and opened to the public for one day of viewing. They have a certain cachet that makes them appealing, interesting, and often inspiring because of their architecture and the way they are decorated. House touring has become popular because it provides entree into houses and gardens one might never be able to see otherwise. This is a great way to get ideas for decorating your house and to see how people with taste approach a particular decorating problem.

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