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When Tom and Sue Jellison bought land in Three Rivers, Michigan, Tom had a simple plan. You might even say a “manly’ plan: Build a log cabin and outfit it with a fireplace, bar, loft, and bunk beds.Period. Sue, Tom’s wife, had a vision for a log home, one that included nice amenities.

“Yes, I wanted heat with running water! Sue says with a smile.

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“I also envisioned bedrooms upstairs with bathrooms. I just wanted to make sure it felt more like a home than a hunting lodge. ? She also wanted to outfit the entire cabin with log furniture: headboards, dressers, night-stands, tables and chairs, stools, end tables, lamp stands, flower vases, and more.

In the end, the two minds came together on a plan. We wanted to make the cabin unique and rustic but also comfortable and inviting, ” says Tom,

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