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Tom, who owns and runs five companies, wanted a nice retreat where he could regularly host customers and vendors. He got his wish. “The place is ideal for entertaining business contacts. But it has also turned out to be a fantastic place tor me to de-stress and decompress, says Tom.

The Jellisons’ year-round home is just twenty-five miles away in Elkhart, Indiana.

“I can leave die office and be to the cabin in less than thirty minutes. It’s wonderful!” says Tom.

The Jellisons spend weekends and holidays at the cabin with family and friends, plus their eight-year-old shih apso dog, Emma. Their grown children, BJ and I’aige, also relish cabin time. And who can blame them? The retreat sits on fifty acres of alfalfa fields, with AT’V trails that surround the property.

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The cabin also has a great view of their three-quarter-acre pond, which Tom keeps stocked with bluegill, largemouth bass, and perch. “My patience level is pretty short,’ says Tom with a chuckle. “So 1 wrant to always have enough fish in there so that I can cast out and catch something within two or three minutes.”

I’om and Sue like to relax outside and sip coffee as they watch hummingbirds Mutter and listen to wild turkeys gobbling. I he property also offers a shooting range and plenty of woods for hunting. Sue’s fondness for wildlife, however, has put a crimp in Tom’s hunting.

“My wife will say, ‘Don’t shoot Albert! ” notes Tom. “I must admit, its hard to hunt when she’s named most of the deer!”

In lieu of grabbing his gun, Tom often grabs a drink and unwinds on die porch. “I’m not a person who can sit still for too long,” says Tom. “But when I’m at the cabin, its a different story.

The lure of a cozy rocking chair, a breathtaking sunset, a refreshing drink, and the gentle whisper of an afternoon breeze certainly make for guilt-free downtime. And that’s something I’om never had enough of until now.

“Building this place is the best thing I’ve ever done,” says Tom. “Honestly, it has totally changed my life.”

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