Hi everyone my name is Abby, and we are the bad girls and bet you thought you’ve seen the last bit of law class for a while yeah. But we are bringing you back with some behind the scenes never seen moments that did not make. Because maybe we didn’t want these to be seen maybe we’re showing them to you anyways we kind of just let her editors like have at it.


So I mean we didn’t tell them to take anything. But here you go blooper reel from lot five series plug me weird so weird I don’t have to use the wooden chopsticks like a peasant sorry is that really okay to drink okay well what’s for before eat tell me why you love do under he loves oh that’s all of them so so don’t use that one no the first time we’re playing together is this giant art lamp it’s mid-century Marda this the first thing we’re putting together is this giant mid-century modern modern modern mid-century modern mid-century modern so the first thing we’re putting together is just giant mid-century modern art. And I can’t talk before we start wiring remotes we’re gonna add before we start wiring room the boys are wiring purposes. So we were in LA for Ely oh yeah also detects chases it looks good what what first part of our plan is to create a wall storage unit saying that we’re going to put all of our do it smooth up be we painting the workbench white and installing our new tables handle says hood panels you are four inches you see that not in an accent should I are you having like meaningful conversations with people yet hello – hello everyone my name is Chelsea, and we are the scigirls and best of thought law class wasn’t coming back for a little bit I thought.

But oh my god we got a bluebird from the looper we got everywhere. And I’m with her thank you guys so much rocking this little blooper reel and lop side there’s a hole there was so much fun posting I hope you guys found this funny it was funny reading back we can you. But all those times we had messed up oh yeah, if you guys haven’t noticed I’m really bad at like the sit-down interview. But I feel way better at like knowing her like talking place.

But yeah and, if you don’t know what we’re talking about at all make sure you check out the whole lot 5 series of the series where we made our entire office and it’s amazing probably like my favorite thing I’ve ever done on our blog yeah not saying a lot, if we have fun of it right we’ll check it out we linked at the end all right think I started reading, if you liked it make sure you like it, if you love it make sure you sub it I’ll see ya.

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