Hello and welcome back my name is Abby, and we are the side rail and you’re reading lock slides which is a series about us moving into and decorating our brand new office block so far you clean up work on the bedrooms bathroom the kitchen are living see the plant network is so good and today we’re going to be tackling our workspace in our CIOs building set up so the first part of our plan is to create this wall unit storage thing that we’re going to keep all of our DIY slides in and this is going to act as a backdrop to our posts we want to get this custom-made so let’s apothecary style with a bunch of little drawers. But that proves to be very expensive.

So we ended up going to Ikea root and then we just hacked the crop of that by taking IKEA kitchen cabinets and putting uppers underneath the base cabinet. So that it gave us more height and more search. So we did a week of the IKEA cabinets. But we want to take it a step further.


So we called our handyman friend Chris Palmer to help us do some custom countertops an amazing custom workbench and you super tweets backdrop wall those is very very industrial side I could go apply it. Because it’s going to be a nice finish yeah yeah it’s like would you work with a strong run at school and it helps take we’re going to get started with our rolling workbench Chris pre-cut and preassembled some pieces. But now we’re going to assemble the whole thing together what we need to decide is what kind of spacing you would like between here, if you want this to go right down so the bottom is right there with the caster or, if you’d like it to come up an interesting then we can decide I think this may crush those valleys in the table yeah so then you can see what your opening is so this is a speed square the way you want for, when you’re running, if your piece is ninety it’s a perfect Ezell you want to work off and you want the line to be nice yes this is what you usually line them up on the edge for your line across what is this thing there this is a pocket hole jig from Craig so right now just setting the depth based on the material ever using its tighten the collar the collar holding stops from going too deep. So we’re learning a lot from Chris.

But we’re still kind of confused a little bit I don’t know about his least squares and maybe he using pocket holes or something in the end we’re kind of just going to agree with the experts I’ll put a hole on the side like what’s four units away – yeah I just like to now moving on to the drawer unit which was placed in position earlier. But nothing was screwed together. So we made sure to screw together and make sure everything was super sturdy prints also brought us a butcher block which we are going to use for the workbench cast top as well as the door unit counts on us back got it so they don’t uh shall I have you want everyone this is looking so ho good the last thing we need to do is have Chris install a wall to back. So we can attach our doors to and make our custom pegboard laughs three screws it looks really good how amazing equal I look so good we really should I just like reduce very cool to people yeah yeah well yeah I mean you did that part no thank you come back it all done dry off face thank you lately he thinks says so for all these panels you want to put on we have a really specific style in mind you know that apothecary a vintage look and it’s actually proving really hard to find enough of them in the right sizes for a good price so I’m going to have the store and see what options are available.

And I also need to pick up a stain please it’s a nice butcher block none of a lot of options. Because everything we saw online is like special order and it would take 14 days to get here and, if you wanted it yes so I’ll show you the options we have it’s like a like a darker nickel we’re back at the loft and we’re testing the scene that we bought which is totally not the right color ah looks like great Nate painting the workbench white sauce y-yeah and installing ironing handle so Chris actually taught us to be super super helpful trick so, when you’re measuring how it handles on the drawers what you need to do is make a template out of some wood that way you know where your folds go every single time we bought these clamps on his recommendation and this made putting in the handles so much easier les measuring is seriously what everyone needs in their life extra cleaning up this mess mixing away all of our DIY supplies and giving everything a home in our new storage unit now that we’re mostly done building the units and stocking the unit what time is it take more time obviously old-school pegboards is not cool anymore over it over it. So we’re going to customize our own this we decided it’s going to be the size of our holes yes I mean I guess so yeah do you think it’ll be fine like just like put the thing in and then it’ll like stay like a teeter-totter like I have a feeling that over time. Because this is not like the strongest material they might get loose a little bit so since we are drilling our custom hole into this hard board to make our own DIY tag boards we wanted to test to make sure we have the holes right before we actually drill a lot of holes so thankfully we have this old tape board lying around that was the exact same material we could test it on back he said to use to do pilot screws remember this is our pilot hole barely I guess go up inside Dyson okay get where yes is it gonna be strong at well here’s the thing honestly the station has come in so handy while we were building the project that’s why you’re a lifesaver.

So we’re facing an issue that we cannot get the dowels in there tight enough or worried that, when we put anything have you on it like a tool it’s just going to say. Because the hard board is pretty soft like the ring it fit them like well it’s been great. Because it’s soft you know why don’t we glue them in then it’s permanent I mean it’s really kind of permanent is like whatever we need to move is, and we just like jam it out I mean I think we’ll have a pretty permanent idea I know that’s not the point of the pegboard. But like whatever elbow gluing at work Wow glue can test it we’ll put maybe we can try to put the glue the back I don’t know we’ll see you in 25 minutes let’s start measuring at least close pencil and then I didn’t know that, and we can figure out after so it’s measure out this custom pegboard we just drew a giant grid on the board measuring evenly in vertical spaces and horizontal spaces and then every time the lines cross that’s what we drill the hole you and justice it make sure you use a wood drill bit, if you’re doing this yourself as opposed to a metal one they make way cleaner Bowl looking good I’ll put great, if I ever did see one that’s a DI peg word, if I’ve ever seen one that’s quasi missing the peg.

So I just school to DIY those two okay hey yes hello hey check this out oh yeah Hey look what I stole oh so cute little paintbrush hangers dryers oh you know specs I only have one of these now I know I guess this is a one-woman job today mm-hmm so cute oh thank you it’s beige it looks really cheap. But I’m hoping it dries yeah I’m sorry my kids we just wanted to tell like yeah this helps keep splendid with the wooden dowel I mean it would be super easy to yes that’s the whole point we can push it out six of our college skin Pantone color of the year more like Fargo small color of the season oh snap okay so this is an arm or dough and up top so on the back of the unit we decided to hang up the curtain rods that we had in our old office and on that we made custom giant sliding panels out of some fabric from the fabric store and this was a great way to hide a bunch of stuff with ones let’s go back there what is an office without a whiteboard we did not know that there was a cuter way to do a whiteboard until recently we saw this project on the internet, and we just knew that we had to DIY it as well we’ve got a large plastic clear acrylic sheet from a local plastic store. So we need to drill holes in this giant piece of acrylic luckily we had this tester piece in the clamps that Chris told us to buy we’re actually so helpful alright I work surprisingly easily laughs Wow okay wait hold on so you’re – laughs good so orange you’ll learn to swim or I’ll learn to take it off in a month and paint it okay I’m having a little complex of the standoff hardware online is setted with goals. But we could tell it looks a little bit more copper.

But, when we got it in person this is just metallic board everything’s paintable everybody’s replaceable and everything’s painful so now it’s time to apply our newly learned acrylic grilling skills to the actual real piece oh my god how how how I got the bottom ah need to walk these wheels oh my gosh so started corner oh so good oh my gosh confetti party 2/4 done yeah this time for the finishing touches on our workspace we ended up using a clear bare thing for the top of the countertop we cut our dowels for the pegboard, and we styled our tight boards we ended up not needing to glue it or anything. Because once we painted it the hard board became super strong and the pegs fit super stuck in the office we put up the filled cue LED strip lights go out from Best Buy we definitely needed these especially after we put up the wall. Because it gets a little bit dark underneath a mezzanine we also got this two little cool blocks from remember that we put all our pens and markers in it’s adorable Umbra also helped us up with these killer bright yellow officers yes so comfortable I love them so overall I am obsessed with how this turned out I think my favorite thing is probably the giant whiteboard. Because of how handy is going to be just the right notes and get my thoughts out on a whiteboard I’m in love in the end my favorite part is the DIY pegboard it’s super practical and super cute and it’s way more clean looking than the regular super tiny hold pegboard thank you guys so much for joining us on this episode of last five oh yeah it turned out so good I’m so excited to use a sewing space for all of our yeah I was going forward and it’s often oh my god the work that we’re going to get in down in there and the whiteboard oh I’m so excited I’m so excited I didn’t know how much I missed the whiteboard.

So we just have one for a couple weeks yeah and we’re like where do we write our ideas super necessary of your creative being oh yes now that the law series is sort of coming to an end would you guys want to see a loft or of the entire thing put together in one post I heard some requests for that and next episode is our last episode and it’s going to be our loft by party we invited a whole bunch of our friends over you’ll see some familiar feet mm-hmm and we’re going to print a core and you know okay you’re a big heart it was so much fun see you guys so much for joining us on today’s episode of block five and a whole series and are you picking up in comment yes please do. Because I want you around for future content. Because it’s so exciting yeah, if you like to see me for the easy an idea, if you loved it make sure you sub.

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