Hi everyone we are oh you’re back with a special episode of La clubs, if you guys don’t know block fives is their series where we moved into and decorated this loft so this time we were doing holiday we’re going full-on lights Garland’s everything and big thank you to Google home for this pay partnership alright should we start this episode we should. But I feel like something’s missing you’re right okay Google Play my Christmas playlist sure here’s your Christmas playlist on Google Play Music what’s the plan Stan well you come in from the front of our lofts.

And I feel like there should be some sort of welcoming thing right away like this I feel like just wants a garland we have all these picture ledges which are amazing we could do something fun on those like more Garland’s yeah I mean even like you think we can like Christmas, if I a couple of these photos like yeah like some other really pink stuff can get replaced with more like festive colored photos yeah yeah we’ve all the spaces which speaking of since we have these ridiculous ceiling. Because I’ve never had a huge tree I know I think now’s the time. So we can get a tree that’s like at least 12 feet, if we want to be crazy oh my god that would be awesome I don’t know how he decorate it. But like I don’t know how we are gonna carry it.


But I got to do it it’s it would be unreal we can definitely do some cool stuff back here like switch up the colors do like Christmas lights and garland yeah okay so first up should we get the tree get the tree I don’t know where you get a tree that big. So we’re getting in the car driving into the countryside and finding ourselves a tree. So we made it to this tree farm. But the tree farm was more farm than tree okay and the trees that they did have were a little bit too small we wanted something bigger.

So we drove to another tree farm that’s gonna have more trees and less farm I’ve never gone tree like picking your own look at it that’s really nice. So we found the perfect tree, and we cut it down all by ourselves okay fine maybe we didn’t. But we did load it ourselves okay so maybe we didn’t help that much. But we did have to bring it all the way inside it’s okay I’m fine guys don’t worry we eventually did get the tree up we decided to decorate the tree later we’re actually gonna get started on some other decorations.

So we gathered a pile of our old Christmas decorations plus our new Christmas decorations plus a thrifted sweater that we have a plan for. So I guess don’t want to be able to use all of this stuff. But I just want it to be Chris holiday I know okay you want to get this garland up here yes okay wait what goes down first the fake snow right and then like what does this go on top in front behind like that I feel like we can just add boast like every single thing so there’s a neat bow look at its sweater the ribbon used to go up yeah should this feel like here mm-hmm replace this oh we’re almost at that yeah okay Google add more tape to my shopping list okay I’ve added taped your shopping list thanks google we have one more thing and then our workbench is complete hey Google do you like your new hat as an assistant I wear many metaphorical hats now I finally get to wear a real one I didn’t expect her to say that this looks great should we finish the rest Martha I think that’s okay all right. So that was a solid day’s work.

So we called it a night and then we woke up to a disaster oh my goodness yeah this happened last night it didn’t fall all the way down thank god there’s a wall here otherwise I could’ve been like so bad that’s a serious lien yeah I think that it’s. Because we cheaped out on the base. So we should probably get a new base all right well I can go out and get a new base for this this guy y’all just keep like decorating here we have tons of tropical plants in the office as you guys know we want them to feel a little more holiday themed. So we added these glowing gold accents cool Christmas so the shopping trip was definitely successful.

And I picked up a little something for Abby. So I got a better one yeah and a guy you dip shut everyone’s always like what is that it’s a pineapple plant without its pineapples so good so on theme and do you like yeah this looks awesome it’s kind of weird. But cool no it’s really good it’s a way to like Christmas a fire the tropical plants. But it doesn’t look tacky I don’t think.

So I like the like the gold scheme helped, if it was like red and green and so weird. But I can’t believe this though like actually I’m dead amazing bless okay so now into the fun stuff Abby is swapping out the photos for holiday themed photos. And I’m making the wreath so the dad isn’t taking various holiday things like some foci and some antler is some pinecones and using some wire to wrap it onto a giant floral ring and then I gave it a little bow on top and the holiday wreath is complete okay let’s fix this leaning tree situation I would deal with image in the hill this one involves more instructions oh that’s fancy okay okay it okay I’m lifting it up I think just try and push it down as hard as you can and see what happens don’t buddy touch it buddy’s sneeze it looks good though okay now on to all the other things we used to do all right now we can get started on this tree be free hush hush Sheila what some big let’s get though oh my god I’m excited to see it get decorated I know okay let’s do lights on the tree first before decorations cuz duh the way to go that’s how you do it and leave a lot I don’t know how many we’re gonna need out of all of these we have enough let’s get started now we’re thinking claw okay so it’s definitely coming together. But I think ornaments are gonna help a lot yeah we have some.

But we should maybe DIYs along those Buffalo tough what we do all right let’s get making okay and of course this wouldn’t be a star girls post, if we didn’t have even more DIY tutorials for you so what are we making today today back here we are making some ornaments okay we have two kinds we’re making these glittery star inspired ornaments and to do this we’re using a mini styrofoam ball and then adding toothpicks to it we use 12 total and stuck them all around the entire thing and then we just use some spray adhesive and poured some glitter on top. So I strum some wire through the top with a little ornament and then I used an awl to poke a hole through the cork top I felt the glass with some glitter it to look like snow and, when I starting the wire through the hole and tied it off in a loop so it could be hung on the tree all right we’re done with the DIY ornaments let’s start decorating the tree wait hold on what we don’t have a tree skirt do we have something new I think yes I actually think. So we have this that we got as a backdrop never ended up using I don’t work I mean it’s kind of pinky. But maybe I just have to be able to water it I mean that’s a bad that’s not so bad look at the sourcing supplies a little water hole you know I gotta light it I don’t want to either and once it’s filled with presents you won’t even see the tree skirt is that a hint we’re supposed to buy into everybody hey everybody okay let’s do the decorations you want to see our idea hide one in action oh this one the slinky disco well.

So we totally forgot about a tree topper or a star. So I decided to quickly make something out of some wire and then yarn and some glitter I’m actually really surprised at how cute this turned out the last time just needs a whole tree put together okay boo boo let’s turn on my Christmas tree okay turning on the Christmas tree so this turned out absolutely amazing I’m so happy with it the tallness of this tree is just like beyond I really hope you guys enjoyed this special audition holiday version of our loft vibe series and thank you so much to Google home for making this post possible make sure you guys check out the Google home mini it can help you DIY your way into a winter wonderland this year yes and check out these posts by other creators, if you guys like this post make sure that you give it a like, if you love it make sure you sum it and I’ll see you next time bye bye .

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