Living Rooms For Small Spaces

Living Rooms For Small Spaces

Filling Up

All cracks, holes and glass pointing from which decayed putty has been removed will now require filling with a suitable putty, pressed well in, and properly smoothed off.

Ordinary glazier’s putty, which is sometimes used for this purpose, is by no means an ideal material. A far better, more enduring and quicker setting compound is made by mixing dry whiting and white-lead paste and adding sufficient Japan gold size to form a workable putty.

We are now ready to proceed with the painting proper, and the number and composition of the various coats will depend upon the kind of finish required.

High-Class Finishes

If the best and most lasting kind of high-gloss finish is required, the procedure described in Chapter Seven should be followed.

There are several other kinds of finish which are quite suitable for outside painting. There is, for instance, that which involves the use of what are called hard-gloss paints. These are, in effect, compounds of pigment and varnish and, if properly applied, they possess a considerable degree of durability. They can be obtained in practically any colour and, being sold ready for use, they save the trouble of mixing and the adjustment of constituent substances, necessary with the old types of paint.

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