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She was unassuming, was Doreen. She let my father be the star of the show, cooked a pasta that made you drool, was fully loving to the last,,, and had one small habit that people clearly remember from the day they visited. And I pass this on because it is so thoughtful, so simple but so fondly memorable, we all should do it. When friends, family or others were leaving our place, she’d accompany them out and pick whatever bloom she could find on the way – sometimes even a pretty leaf. Living room interior design ideas And as they left, she’d hand it to them with, Here, this is for you.’ Amazingly, such a small gesture was always incredibly loved and recalled. This quick story is for you so you can steal Mum’s thunder. I do! And, dammit, people always remark. Add it to your repertoire of lovely things to do and you’ll be chuffed with the response. And while we’re on repertoires, let me urge you to do something else – add our cover star recipe to your dessert repertoire. It’s a yummy twist on cheesecake, and is truly mouth-watering! Make it for your peeps then pass them a flower as they leave, and you’ll be indelibly stamped on their memory as some kind of wonderful! And what’s not to love about that? Now give yourself treats: read our dazzling kitchens extravaganza, continue on with the whole issue, enter to win yourself a $38,000 Narellan swimming pool and watch our new season’s TV show, back on air. Cool! See you next month. Bulbs! Blooms so beautiful they’re a gift to you and anyone with whom you share them. Go shop for varieties to uplift your heart and garden, page 106. Make our star over and over, because it tastes as good as it looks. Loving it! Subscribe now for big savings and more.

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