Living Room Dining Room Ideas

Living Room Dining Room Ideas

We’re in Dallas Texas on our way to Ginetta Hortons house where her living dining. And work areas bumming her out, we’re gonna give her an inviting space that showcases their personality. And melts her stress away this doesn’t even look like my house, I am Johnetta in addition to working full-time, I go to school part-time. I’m an MBA student, I do a lot of volunteer work traveling is like my biggest passion, I really need a space where, I can come home to. And decompress relax. And just not even think about the whole day this cap table when, I moved into my first apartment like years ago. So it has seen it’s years but. I’m seeing a little. I’m trying to hold on to it for as long back to it, I know that you said you like to work over here. And this is your dining area. So how’s that working for you right now this is not as functional about what liked it to be how’s the amount of storage working out for you yeah it’s a little crowded, I typically just throw stuff there all of it looks like you could fit electronics over here for the TV yeah this is where, I keep basically everything that’s connected to the television Wi-Fi stereo it doesn’t really look very safe either like. I’m scared somes gonna catch on fire one day but. I’m in a fortunate let’s take a look at IKEA calm before we head down to the store.

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So Ginetta time, we’re done, we’re gonna have you lounging like this bear here are you ready to get back to the house. And start this makeover yes let’s do it are you ready to see the new. I’m ready oh wow this doesn’t even look like my house go ahead. And take a seat on your new na kabhi sofa oh my gosh how about this all good the fabric on it is yarn dyed fabric that’s what gives it that neat look. And cool texture at the springs inside they’re used for extended comfort. And they last a long time Regina we got a lot to do let’s go everyone with our famous best to storage unit before it looked like it was gonna explode any day now check it out what we did here Wham nice neat organized hands reach with this unit we have the frosted glass which allows even if it’s closed the remote will still receive good it kept the best in units. And the desk seamless to each other which, I have a place to work. And do your studies yes, I really can’t wait to study we got you a fine space to wine. And dine on the sternest table with the nose chairs table extends. And has leaves stored inside which can help you set up to six people instead of four oh nice, I already feel ready to decompress. And just relax, I finally have the space that, I have been desiring for. So long, I love it, I love it, I love it my kitchen check us out home tour series dad ah.

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I’m saying we stepped in here today like it’s just been discovering a new thing we absolutely love the room it meets every single desire that we would be wanted. And it’s gone beyond desire. And it’s gone into just absolute like things we’d never even knew we wanted what do you do when you need it to be. So many different rooms in one big giant room. And I think this does it perfectly going through this process with the squad was amazing it was. So much fun, I think the kids are really gonna miss the squadI think the kids are gonna have this empty place in their heart though that’s. So true it’s not even overstating. I’m not kidding, I think the kids are really gonna miss the squad not being around yeah house was built a fort for them was highlight for them thanks IKEA.

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