Living Room Designs 2015

Living Room Designs 2015


While a white-lead priming is good, a mixture of white and red lead is even better, and is here recommended. Cheap priming paints, often stained pink to imitate the colour produced by red lead, but of very small protective value, because they contain little or no lead, should always be avoided.

Amount Required

The amount of paint needed to cover a given surface will vary according to the absorption of the wood, and it is also not easy to calculate the superficial area of such work as frame bars. The total quantity of paint in the above-mentioned mixture is 76 lb. by weight, or about 2 gallons by measure, and on a plain solid surface this quantity would cover, approximately, 2,500 square feet.

It may be mentioned here that the turpentine part of the paint has no protective value. It is included to make the paint easier to apply, and to assist it to penetrate into the pores of the wood. When these functions have been performed, it simply evaporates.

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