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So do you ever wonder what is on trend what’s happening out there. Well I’m going to share my top three trends to help spruce up your home. So design trend number one is the Nordic trend, and this trend for a while. This is a trend that I’m currently embracing a little more in my own home and I think one of the easiest trends to embrace. So Nordic what does that mean. Think very clean lines, think simplicity, think lots of black and white and the best way to incorporate trend is have some restraint in your decorating. Ok design trend number two is peach. Yes you heard me right peach. Now this is not the peach of the eighties.

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This is a really soft and pretty peach and the great thing about it is that works well with all that grey that we’ve been incorporating into our design over the years. So the best way to incorporate this trend I definitely think is with accessories. So think pillows, think throws, think candles. It adds a really warm touch to it. So the third and final trend I’m go on talk about is tropical prints. Do you remember Miami Vice or am I dating myself here. Let’s think about big bold prints lots of leaves lots of greens lots of yellows again this is a fun trend and from what I hear is going to become more and more popular over the next couple of years. The best way to incorporate this one pillows I think.

Especially for summertime. Think big green leaf pillows think yellow throws. It’s a fun thing to add into your home. So we talked about Nordic we talked about peach and we talked about tropical. I would love to hear what your favorite trend is and what you plan to incorporate in your home.

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