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Commissioned by a successful Greek businessman and passionate art collector, the house was designed by the American architect, Hugh Newell Jacobsen. He has been careful to incorporate Mediterranean architectural features, such as the internal courtyard, with pale green paving surrounding a swimming-pool. Differences in ground level have been exploited, with garages and service quarters occupying the lower level, ascending to a large terrace bounded by colonnaded walkways, where the criss-cross of the girders and beams above creates a magical play of light and shade. Here, three pyramid-shaped roof structures rise as if out of the sands at Giza. The owner is an extensive traveller, but he always returns to his native country. By commissioning the building of this house, he has not only created a permanent home but also indulged his interest in modern architecture, provided a site for his collection of modern art, and brought his enjoyment of fishing and sailing conveniently close.

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