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I found a tiny scrap of vintage lace that had tiny sequins and a raised design on it. I was worried about it fraying, so I painted it with fabric stiffener before I used it. Making the dress is a piece of cake. Just fold it around the dress form until you like the shape; style and then glue it in place.

Step 1: Take your lace and try it on the dress form to check the size.

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Then decide which part of the lace you will be using to dress your form.

Step 2: Paint your lace with fabric stiffener and when it's dry, cut out the shape you want to use. I also cut out an extra leaf to glue on the bottom right and some tiny leaves to drape over the shoulder.

Step 3: Try your lace shape on the dress form again and when you are happy with it then glue it in place using Tacky Glue. Drape and fold a little bit if needed, but try and let it shape itself around the dress form.

Step 4: Now we will add the details. I put a big leaf on the bottom right of the dress form and then small leaves on the shoulders. Leave it to dry.

Step 5: Check if everything is glued well. You may have to add a little extra glue in some places.

Step 6: Add a paper rose at the hip.

Step 7: Add the small door knob to the neck for the final touch.


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