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Large Home Designs

Large Home Designs

What to Look For

A friend of mine always goes to house tours when she’s visiting other places as well as near home. I asked her what attracts her to them. “I go because I always find ideas. It might be a simple, clever way to arrange a closet, or a unique color combination, but they always spark my imagination.” Since she’s just bought a new home she’s also interested in how the gardens are arranged and planted in her area. “It’s fun to see what grows here, how the flowers are planted in relation to color. I like to see both formal and casual approaches to gardening and I’m especially curious about how a garden relates to the house and how it fits in with the rest of the landscape,” she says.

Ideas from Other Parts of the Country

Whenever I visit another part of the country and there’s a house and garden tour I take advantage of this opportunity. I see things I don’t see at home. On Nantucket, homeowners are rather dedicated to designing their houses and gardens to reflect the island. We buy a great deal of our furnishings, accessories, and art locally. Our local farms sell indigenous plants and so everything is done in a rather integrated fashion. We’re influenced by our surroundings and, for the most part, enlightened about the environment. Knowing that interior decorating decisions take into account the exterior surroundings that are so much a part of the way we live, I look for how others have intermingled indoor and outdoor areas. For example, I’ve been on several house tours in Key West, Florida, where decorating is related to the outdoors and a more casual approach to living. It can be a lot of fun to make a house and garden part of your travel plans.

Diversity Is Fascinating

House tours offer you the chance to see a diversity of architectural as well as decorating styles. Within a couple of hours you will surely come away with a head full of ideas for making your own houses and gardens more interesting, exciting, and personal. If you’re like me, the only problem you may encounter is that when you get home you’ll want to get rid of everything and start all over again!

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