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The elegance and vibrancy at News Cafe will definitely appeal to modern, sophisticated individuals who are part of News Cafe’s target market. The functionality ensures that the space functions to the optimum as service have been left exposed to portray the working parts of the design and lush finishing, completing the design by softening the edges. “The identity of the space is synonymous with innovation in the food, beverage and social market, as the design combines style and function,” explains Sarni.

The pioneering culture and progressive creativity of News Cafe echoes the Industrial Revolution design language, which speaks of invention and innovation,” states Sarni. This is clearly depicted by the

Midnight blue feature wall oi machine gears and clocks that is well complemented by an adjacent wall draped with gold wall paper; Lounge area bathed in natural light that makes the bold industrial theme more present creative integration of copper pipes running throughout the ceiling of the space giving it an edgy look.

The elements resemble the selfproclaimed “vibe” that News Cafe strives for – with notions of speed, motion, space, time and musical rhythm. There are words written on the wall in reflection of this: “The world has vibe for those who listen.”

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