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Have you thought about redoing your kitchen but overwhelmed where to start? Well if so, stick with me. I’m going to tell you what you need to design a beautiful kitchen. The first step you’re going to do is you’re going to collect some information. You need to know what kind of style and look and feel you’re going for before you start your design whether that be through magazines, or books, or go online, start collecting images. The second thing you’re going to do is see the comment elements in those images. Is it a lot of white kitchen? Is it more of a modern kitchen? Do you see a lot of brass in the kitchen? Granite, looks for those common elements and start writing them down. This will really help you in the decision making process.

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Once you’ve collected you inspiration, you’ve found your common elements, the next thing you’re going to do to actually start on your kitchen design is, I say choose the cabinets first. I think this really sets the tone for the rat of the kitchen and the other decisions, so say you were going with a white Shaker style cabinet. Know what the style of cabinet is, know what the color is, and again, that’s going to help you with the rest of the choices. Then once you’ve got your kitchen cabinets styled, the next thing is the back splash. This Is where you can have some fun, show some creativity, and it really can be the jewel of the kitchen. They range in all kinds of prices. You can get some really inexpensive options, like a subway tile, or you can go with some beautiful intricate marble designs. Once you’ve got that figured out, we’re going to go to countertop now. Again, all of these things you’re going to refer back to your inspiration of common elements. Did you want a natural stone? A manmade stone? Was it a marble look? A granite? Was it in browns? Was is in whites?

This is going to help you, again, narrow down your decision of your countertop. Then we’re going to go to hardware. Hardware, again, is a really fun place to show your personality and to add a little bit like the jewelry, again, to the kitchen. So again, go back to your inspiration. Did you have, was it brass? Was it black? Was it chrome? Was it long handles? Was it knobs? What was the common elements you were seeing in your kitchen design? Then last but not least, when you’ve got all those things figured out, I want you to put them together. So if you can, actually get physical samples of the door, of the hardware, of the paint color, and put them together to see how they all look together. If you can’t actually get physical samples, even just printing them out, cut and paste them on board to look at them and it just helps you see the flow and look of the kitchen before you start making those actually money decisions that go in a kitchen design. I hope this has inspired you in knowing what goes into a kitchen design, and I know it’s overwhelming and there’s lots of elements and one of the big things that people get stuck in is actually what items go together. To help you out, I’ve created a sheet with some of my favorite kitchen combos in terms of the style of cabinet and the hardware and back splash and you can link to that below. If you liked this post, please like it.

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