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Hi I’m Karla with Kelly design eat a corn expert and welcome to decor with love TV do you have a kitchen that you’d like to make some changes to but you’re not ready to do a full out rent oh well then this post is for you I know I’m in the same circumstance where you’ve got a kitchen you don’t want to do the full out rental but you really like to make some changes to it to do some updates. So doing a kitchen Reno involves a lot of cost a lot of planning sometimes a lot of headache. So if you’re not ready for it now I’m going to give you a few tips of what you’ve maybe can do for your kitchen and do it maybe a weekend or a day.

So tip number one the first thing you can think of doing is painting your cabinets usually when people don’t like their kitchen the number one thing they don’t like is the kitchen cabinet color and. So you don’t need to go replacing with all new cabinets if they are a good quality cabinet you might want to think about painting them but I have a few tips on this because I actually did this personally as well I wouldn’t necessarily paint it yourself unless you’re sort of expert in that area and also it takes it does take a lot of time but what you can do is either have somebody come in that is an expert in that area and spray your cabinets which really will last them forever or what you can do is also take off the cabinet doors take them to a local painter get them to paint them and you could do the sides and the inside but what a difference this makes and say changing it from a darker wood to a lighter color it really adds to make whole new kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

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So tip number two is the backsplash and a lot of times people don’t like their backsplash including myself and don’t change it including myself but actually it’s one of the most probably inexpensive things to do even in a large kitchen your backsplash is not that much area. So really to get a new backsplash that’s probably the place even you could splurge a little bit and have it kind of the jewel of the kitchen if you’re handy again this is something you could do yourself and it really changes the look of the kitchen one of my favorite backslashes is just a simple subway tile that you get at your local hardware store for a really low cost and again it’s always classic it makes a great update to any kitchen okay tip number three is the countertop this is a bit of a bigger deal than the backsplash but let’s say for instance you don’t want your cabinets you’ve changed your backsplash and now you really want to change the countertop again you don’t need to do a full kitchen rental for this you can measure it out you can go to your local big box store and change up your countertop and again this makes a huge difference in a space and can really change up the look from contemporary to traditional say in a space tip number four when making updates to a kitchen that you want to change is my favorite and the most inexpensive and easiest one to do is hardware hardware you may think oh yeah it’s just a pull what difference is it go on make it can be huge there are. So many cool knobs and pulls out there for kitchens right now and.

So if you’re not ready to even do the painting yet or do the backsplash if you just change the hardware it might make a big difference and it might tie it over first while and tip number five and this is one that you could do today if you wanted to is just add some color and the way that some color for the kitchen is in accessories. So pick a color you love let’s say yellow people look yellow in a kitchen and by yourself beautiful kettle that sits on the stove that’s in yellow buy yourself some lovely tea towels by yourself of some flowers again that have the yellow in them and you’ll be amazed at what just these few touches and triangle 3 is threes always works well of a public color can make in your kitchen and the last one kind of going along with the color I love art in a kitchen and people don’t usually think of this but if you have a smaller piece of art that you love and you don’t know where to put it think about putting it in your kitchen now not somewhere where oil and other things are go on get spilt on it but leaning up against your backsplash somewhere it really adds your personality and it’s just a way to brighten your kitchen and show who you are.

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