Interior Wallpaper Ideas

Interior Wallpaper Ideas
Measuring, cutting and pasting
1 Lay the paper out on the table and measure the first length, marking the cut-off point with a pencil.
2 Use a pair of long wallpapering scissors to cut off the first strip.
3 Square up one long edge and one short edge with the s des of the table and apply the paste from the centre.
4 Using a wide pasting brush, work the paste outwards to the edges. Make sure the paste is applied evenly at each end of the length before you cut across the width. Number each length on the reverse side, in order to avoid any confusion about the order you need to follow to match a pattern accurately when you come to hang the lengths. Mark an arrow on the back of each piece indicating the top on a matching paper, if there is no obvious right way up.
First, set up your trestle or pasting table. If possible, position the table so that you will face the light when you are pasting; this will make it easier to identify areas that lack paste they look dull rather than shiny.
Mix up the paste and lay the paper pattern-side down on the table. Keep the table clean to prevent getting paste on the right side of the paper. Distribute the paste evenly or it will bubble up. Start pasting from the centre and work outwards to the sides, applying the paste with a wide pasting brush.
Check whether the paper requires time for the paste to soak in before it is hung. Leave the paper until it is quite supple before you hang it, but note how long this takes to keep the soaking time constant from length to length to prevent variations in stretching.
Bubbling may have been caused by too much paste. More often, it is the result of not having allowed the paper to soak for long enough; always read the manufacturer’s instructions and allow sufficient soaking time. If you need to repair one or two bubbles in a drop, use a sharp craft knife to pierce the bubble. Smear a small amount of paste behind the opening with an artist’s paintbrush and use a paper-hanging brush to smooth the paper back into position. Wipe the excess paste away with a damp sponge. This is only practical for a few bubbles; if your paper has a rash of bubbles, the only remedy is to remove the drop and rehang it.

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