Interior Living Room Designs

Interior Living Room Designs

Decide how many pleats would be right for the proportions of the blind. A pleat is usually 20 30cm (8 12in) deep. To check that your imagined pleats fall within this range, and to establish their actual measurement, divide the blind’s folding length by the number of pleats you want, plus an additional half-pleat. A full pleat is the complete fold of fabric between two ridges. The extra half-pleat is taken up by the fabric that falls from the last ridge to the bottom edge of the gathered-up pleats.

Having established the number and depth of pleats, you have finally arrived at the number of ridges and ridge pockets you need, which will, in turn, enable you to calculate the length of lining fabric you need.

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Stitch the top edges of the fabrn lining together with a zigzag stitch. Slip the lining to the front fabric down the leaving the pockets free, and stopping (%in) from the bottom edge of the fabric. Trim the lining to this level. Tu and press the front fabric 2cm (%in) froi bottom. Then turn it up again so th; line you drew previously to mark the K edge of the finished blind is along the You should have a hem of about 4cm 1 which will form the pocket for the be ridge. If the hem is much too deep, back more at the bottom edge of the t Sew across the hem, near to the fold, i with the machine or, if you prefer the st not to show on the front of the blinc stitch by hand.

The pieces of wood that will forr ridges (laths) now have to be cut to size bottom one needs to be slightly shortei the width of the finished blind, the c slightly shorter than the width of the Insert these into their pockets and slip the ends closed.

Sew the rings to the ridges (excef bottom edge ridge) in vertical rows s evenly across the back of the blind at vals of about 30 60cm (1 2ft), dependi the width of the blind. The first and Iasi should be about 8cm (3Kin) in fror edges of the blind. Cut the cord and piece to each bottom ring, threading through the other rings in each row.

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