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Buffet Hot Plate Server Tray

This stainless steel gadget is not only cool to have, it is absolutely convenient. This is the much needed crossbreed between a microwave and a hotpot -disguised as a tray. What better way to keep the food hot while you wait for your guests to arrive without having to make a mad dash to the kitchen to re-heat food if they come two hours after the specified time.

Walking around with a hot water bottle, or coffee holder is becoming quite a necessity these days. Not just for you but also for your young ones. This bottle warmer with its automatic overheating protection function can heat up in just five minutes!

If you have a child, no need to worry about warming up the feed bottle while in transit, you can safely drive while it warms!

Have you really been to the coast if you don’t come back as a canvas of art with dark henna on your hands? In my opinion, no. Home & Living talks to Sybha Sheikh, better known to you as Henna Hub, about why she started this business, and why it is doing so well. Words by Abigail Arunga. Pictures courtesy of Sybha Sheikh

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