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Ten years ago, Roland Le Bevillon was wandering though the steep medieval streets of the village of Cogolin, just above Saint Tropez, when he spotted a small for-sale sign on a decrepit fa5ade. What was offered for sale turned out to be an ancient farmhouse of the kind once common in the region, Interior decorating queenslander untouched since the last inhabitants had departed some years before. The stables were still full of hay, the house and outbuildings were just as they had been left, with winemaking equipment and miscellaneous pieces of agricultural machinery. A quick inspection of the house, with its higgledly-piggledy arrangement of rooms and levels, and of the stunning garden, banished any notion of buying a chic studio in Saint Tropez. A love affair began. Roland bought the property with his friend and fellow-decorator Maurice Savinel, and they started work to realize the perfect Provengal dream ” rustic and elegant, refined but simple.

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