Interior Decorating Mistakes

Interior Decorating Mistakes


Curtain poles are intended to be seen and to make a strong visual contribution to the overall look of a window and its dressing. They are altogether bolder and more demonstrative than curtain track, which is designed to be discreet and often hidden behind a pelmet or valance. Made in either wood or metal, there is a huge range of poles to choose from.

Poles are made in various diameters and are sold by length to suit your requirements. Pole kits, with brackets and rings included, are widely available. The poles come in set lengths and can be cut if required.

Wooden poles

Wooden poles are often finished at either end with a finial. Both poles and their rings (where these exist) can be painted, stained, oiled or waxed.

Natural wood suits many interiors. Plain black, grey or white looks discreet, or you could paint the pole to match the walls, the woodwork or the curtain fabric. For something as grand as richly coloured brocade, a gold-painted pole would be dramatic. Wooden poles without rings can be used with handmade cased or looped headings, for example. D

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