Interior Decorating Living Rooms

Interior Decorating Living Rooms

Floor plan of one-room apartment shows that living room is square, and most of the furniture was placed along the perimeter, to give as much open floor space as possible. All living, sleeping, entertaining and even guest facilities are included in living area, while dining takes place in the mirrored foyer.

The small entry foyer was made to appear much larger by a clever yet simple device floor to ceiling panels of mirror.

Console table against mirrored wall opens up for dining.

Window frames repeat more elaborately the shape of room divider.

Light and open design of the divider permits the space to flow back and forth from one area to the other.

Room designed by Bachstein & Lawrence, A.I.D.

A career girl’s one great room

ONE-ROOM living is a popular way of life today for the person who lives alone the bachelor man or woman, the widowed and divorced. But doing it successfully is in itself a kind of art. Sleeping, dining, entertaining, and all other aspects of daily living must be incorporated into a serene interior that beguilingly conceals the fact that this is all, that this one room is your home.

Designers John Bachstein and Larry Lawrence, A.I.D. were highly ingenious, to say the least, in their format for the one-room apartment illustrated on these pages.

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