Inspirational Living Room Ideas

Inspirational Living Room Ideas

While the furniture, for the most part, is formal French reproductions and antiques, a change of pace is provided by the country-style armoire. unmistakably modern area carpet, and contemporary color scheme.

Floor plan of retired couple’s apartment is a typical one that appears again and again in new high-risers. Four rooms are provided there is no extra space, no architectural interest such as fireplaces, moldings. The living room, den and bedroom have the identical view, are even shaped and sized quite similarly. Since the entrance foyer is so tiny, the only possible place to dine (within easy access of the kitchen) is the dark rear corner of the living room.

Note plan is even more compact than that of the young couple’s.

Married life begins in a high-rise

THE “DREAM” apartment that most newlywed couples visualize as their first home, usually exceeds from the standpoints of luxury, elegance and comfort, what they can realistically afford. This is especially true today when most couples start off in the architecturally characterless layouts typical of new three and four-room apartments, and find it necessary to spend more money on background and window treatments than they had originally planned. And then there is always the problem of how to properly allocate expenditures where the big investments should be, where corners can be cut.

Dena Emden, N.S.I.D., solved these dilemmas for the young couple occupying the apartment illustrated on these two pages. The living-dining areas were given character by the application, on one wall, of a bold paisley print, by the design of tailored but architecturally interesting window panels (which cost less than wall-to-wall draperies). Floors were deeply stained and topped, in the living room, by a luxurious looking (yet moderately priced) wool area carpet.

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