Ikea Living and, Dining Room Ideas

Ikea Living and, Dining Room Ideas
So you need to tell me what is missing in the blank okay okay all right got it yeah all right let’s start with our first one. So every New Year’s Eve I will serve my guests blank in a soar sûreté Oh Oh sky what are we serving we will be serving them why it’ll be fine what do you say champagne champagne. So why does closed but it action we’re looking for champagne sky sorry. So a story yet is actually the IKEA champagne coupe wine is a sparkling you didn’t say did say it in a bubbly way I was looking for champagne oh you’ll have you’ll have another open a couple tries here okay yeah oh you’re gonna call it I think I think jessica is gonna say no big win.

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So far all right number two on Thanksgiving my family blanks on the ingot or which has and, then has coffee in the living room after. So on Thanksgiving my family yes and, it eats that’s what we’re looking for eat yeah. So on Thanksgiving my family eats on the English warp and, english Wharf actually is IKEA is extended extendable dining room table your your head like you know that what’s nice about the dining room table is actually it has Leafs in it and, you can extend it out. So you can serve in you know party a six you can part serve a party of eight. So Wow in our family all right you have a big family not just smile make it together just sitting at the dining room table yeah when you’re like especially when you start off with two kids and, then you think you’re gonna have more kids later like it’s nice to plan ahead okay sentence here alright. So on the th night of Hanukkah we sit on the floor in the living room and, play with our blanks on the Hemnes all right Jessica tradeoffs dreidels yes this table you could actually play with your dreams right and, again we talked about this Hemnes table before. Because it does have that second shelf on the bottom.

So you can actually put some snacks on there while you’re playing with your drink and, I actually have to say like this tray right here I love it for that sort of thing like any rolling of dice or a dreidel like it wouldn’t fall off the table today in the tray yeah. But I like to have that lip around it great tip there Jessica. So what do you think Skyy yeah I like it I like it okay I’d use it as a carrying you’d use that as a carrying tray with some beverages right yes yeah that’s a great idea don’t forget why I like my champagne in that nice Bowl okay all right a next question the next statement at night I blank in my strawed mom and, read my kids a bedtime story. So at night I blank in my strand Mon and, read my kids a bedtime story yes lie down lie down okay nice sky yes well it’s actually the Strad mom if you remember from earlier in the show it’s actually let’s share that and, sitting yeah. So it’s for us I sit in a chair. Because we’ve got a lot of kids. So that like sometimes I’ll do. I’m a bad person. I’m like a kids cuddle around me in bed yeah yeah oh all right here we go next statement.

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