Ikea Home Design Pictures

Ikea Home Design Pictures
So on Thanksgiving I make a scene when I bring out all my fixings on the rag Skog and, then cover my blank in gravy what would you cover oh yes Jessica turkey you remember sky that rag Skog was actually that utility cart that we created into a bar cart okay yeah. So a lot of flexibility there right like gravy it goes. So actually we’re gonna turn it over to Sam and, I think there’s gonna be a little rap involved here yes playing along thank you yeah I think we love we are here about to learn some amazing new tips about rapping yeah man here we are going to do some gift wrapping and, Sam do you know how to get frappe you know I’ve done it yeah or many times.

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But I would not say I have like mastered the perfect technique at how you wrap a gift. So if you have some tips that would help me improve my technique I am open are you good at rappy oh well am I good at wrapping yeah would you like me to demonstrate yeah okay huh that time of year we are feeling jolly mmm decking the halls hanging out at the Holly we’re shaving tips it’s Christmas on Santa’s list were you knives Oh naughty oh. I’m just kidding we’re talking about and, I know that all right. So let’s let’s wrap some my boxes shall we actually holiday wrapping wrapping yes all right. So a couple boxes and, I have some fun all right.

So I have some fun gift wrapping paper that we could play around with yeah I like this paper cutters let’s do that okay bull do you want to let’s start wrapping this box up let’s let’s just write one yeah I think we yeah. Because I would imagine that having some space in a nice flat this is probably like what you want yes and, you want enough paper that will wrap around the box. So let’s trim this around it all just to make sure that this is enough paper and, there you got enough all right and, what I usually like to do is just to make it look like there’s a knife you know it’s nicely wrapped you want to run your finger along the edges to give it that crisp look nice and, then with the raw edge what. I like to do is just fold it inward just like this like. So see how like the little data instantly no each up everything. I would have just slapped some table it would have been messy and, this looks much yeah. So let’s go ahead and, take this down all right I’ll hold it okay yeah and, then next what. I’m gonna do is just push this box down a little bit and, you want to make sure that you have enough to cover this end of the box and, then we’re going to cut some excess wrapping paper on this end maybe you want to across the whole thing yeah across the whole thing you got it I always get that these ends are the tricky part about right yeah yeah do you do with them how do you make them nice and, neat I like to push them towards like one end. So that way I could save some paper on the other and, just wrap like a smaller gift that’s a great idea yeah saves paper alright was that okay yes you’re doing great a rustic cut yeah you know what we’re gonna cover that.

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