Ikea Design Ideas

Ikea Design Ideas
I’ll give you one guess who spilled whipped cream alright alright now let’s clean up all this yeah exactly alright. So you’ve got some very special hot chocolate for us right that’s right now the kids are going who’s gonna take over all right put that down low okay I filled my bar car comes in okay oh there you go I’ve knocked getting some towels on here the mascot the woods that’s okay now we got some space yes sir all right stuff okay okay. So what are we gonna make here this is called a spite white hot chocolate okay okay the perfect a dog beverage but this time of year all right okay. So let’s grab our glass and, begin you can do all the work okay that’s supervise should I make two for you okay we’ll make two okay what are we doing okay. So first let’s get some hot milk in there okay this right here yes it’s a good thing we made two it’s not only making one.

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I could still make this work though just. So you know okay. So I’ll put this in you say when let’s go with a win right about right there okay cuz we need to add some stuff okay all right. So first things first we’re gonna add in some peppermint schnapps all right peppermint schnapps sound kind of innocent but this about alcohol typically okay. So just like a little bit the holiday season okay that’s okay good all right next we can go with a white chocolate the Cure okay all right. So let’s pour that in there excellent perfect okay you just come behind with a little bit of milk just to okay pump things on all right and, guys what we did was earlier we muddle some of these these are candy canes here okay to get a nice candy cane sprinkle that we could put on later that’s coming up but you go okay the second okay.

So now I want you to top that with some whipped cream okay cool any particular like angle Ashby let’s see if you could be better to kids well I won’t be better than Parker but I’ll try it let’s see here okay yeah there we go nice and, balanced now you can grab a few toes and, you can sprinkle those on top okay that’s beautiful look at that it’s that enough we want some more oh yeah more more okay nice okay and. So we can do is then you can garnish it well this one’s kind of big. So let’s use the smaller one okay and, you could own one of these oh that’s awesome and. So now you have the nice spiked white hot chocolate that is beautiful and, it’s different it’s not like your typical hot chocolate it’s is true and, there you have it another holiday special drink just for you guys okay to keep your guests going also we are looking for your tip.

So keep them coming okay using a hashtag I can tip John we have a bunch in here and, remember guys please do drink responsibly alright got some tips coming in Karen Kay said everyone loves a good candle as a gift beautiful that’s true hashtag IKEA tip jar Christy said I always collect the different napkins I hear cells and, use several different styles to decorate at one setting. So each person feels special. So cool tip nice stuff we got a bunch of tips here I think Jessica the kids had a lot of fun without me it’s some pretty interesting beverages if I was very impressed yeah they get very creative yeah with just about anything for those of us that may be s right now we are making a hundred tips and, minutes but we have another game coming up right here all right. So one of our teams is a lovely couple of Chris and, Jessica and, on the other we have sky and, in alright. So this how the game works okay it is called holiday blanket okay. So what. I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna read a sentence and, there’s be a blank in it.

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