Ideas To Decorate Small Living Room

Ideas To Decorate Small Living Room

* For carpet, big box stores offer one to two year financing with no finance charges. Just be sure to pay it off on time!!

* Laminate wood flooring looks like real wood with much less trouble. It’s easy to keep clean as well.

* If you’re in the market for an oriental-looking rug, or a large area rug, try consignment stores. You’ll get it for half the cost of a new rug.

Most of the time, the windows are already in the house so we have no choice. But if you’re building a home, ask for doublepane windows. They are a most cost effective choice.

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Just a note: you can make your own window cleaner mixing 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water and % cup ammonia.

Making curtains is fun and easy. Measure the length and width and calculate the yardage needed. Sew sides together, then sew a pocket along one length which will go through the curtain rod. Drapes can hang a bit on the floor. I had a friend who made sheer drapes and let them pool a bit on the floor, and it looked great!!

Mini blinds are nice and when combined with drapes or curtains can block almost all light and give maximum privacy. (Note: unless you want to take them out once a year to hose them off, just dust them weekly with a Swifter duster and that will keep them dust free.)

When you’re deciding on curtains to buy or make, is the color cool or warm. Is it a focal point or a backdrop? Sheers are cool, velvet is warm and damask is formal. As far as texture goes nubby is casual, silky is formal and sheers are feminine. When choosing a pattern, decide whether to go big and bold or small and delicate.

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