Ideas To Decorate A Small Living Room

Ideas To Decorate A Small Living Room

* Make your own drapes to save money.

* Pre-made drapes usually go on sale in January, so start making your plans in December.

* Discount houses have acceptable draperies at a fraction of the regular cost.

Way back when, wood paneling was all the rage. Now, you’d probably see it just in mobile homes. (I saw a dramatic transformation one time, where the owners of a mobile painted the wood walls all white. It really opened up the space.)

Wallpaper is similar, although you’ll see it in some homes, but not the flowery, crazy patterns of years ago. It adds texture to the walls, but I’d suggest not installing it in bathrooms because of the humidity.

I had a friend who really got in trouble with wallpaper one time. She decided to do the baby’s room while her husband was at work. She was very proud of her accomplishment, but when hubby came home, he looked at the walls, then looked at her, and shook his head. He pointed out that she had aligned the pattern wrong, ruining the effect. So the scenes which should have been on the walls were lost when she put it up wrong. Thus, enough said, be sure to align the patterns correctly.

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Paint is another option to dress up plain white walls. I love to paint, although I can do without all the prep work and blue tape that doesn’t stick. Be sure to use water based paint. Paint walls first, then the trim. Use good brushes, and remember when you’re picking out paint colors, the color on the swatch will be lighter than the finished product because paint always dries darker than the swatch color.

One slight variation on straight painting is sponging and marble pattern, but for these I’d suggest taking a class to master the technique.

Before you decided on color for one room, go through your house room by room and make sure there will be a cohesive look and colors that blend together well t hroughout the house.

Another way to accent walls is to hang pictures. I’m a real fan of building a room’s color scheme around a painting or picture.

Sconces are nice, but be sure not to overdo this effect.

Mirrors are another way to dress up walls, and this can really open up a small space. Lots of people like wall to wall mirrors, as this look can be quite dramatic.

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