Ideas How To Decorate A Bedroom

Ideas How To Decorate A Bedroom

* Make a headboard out offabric hung from a drapery rod, or plywood and a stapled on (the back) fabric covering and padding.

* Buy secondhand or gently used furniture, which can be painted or stained to look like new. (Um, be sure to check for sturdy construction.)

* Buy furniture at big box stores or discount stores and put it together yourself.

* Thrift stores have a great selection of lamp bases (just buy a new shade), desks, small end tables and shelf units.

* Don’t be scared of secondhand beds. When we moved into our condo, the beds were already here, so we decided to use them (with clean sheets, of course) and I realized that sleeping on these beds is no different than sleeping on motel beds, which thousands of people have slept in!!

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