Ideas For Decorating Living Rooms

Ideas For Decorating Living Rooms

A French interior is always classy and elegant. With a luxurious touch, which is what France is known for, your home will always feel comfortable and sophisticated. A Parisian inspired abode is all about incorporating the old with the new in a fresh, refined way.

Instead of making every object in an area match its theme, a French interior allows distinctive and unique pieces to complement one another without overdoing it. In turn, it creates an artistic harmony that anyone would enjoy. Image from Flicker by Stylish Art Tuscan

Tuscan is a city located in the countryside of Italy. It also has its own unique style derived from the simple locale. Nonetheless, styles that encompass the minimal characteristics of Tuscan usually bring an air of luxury and elegance with it.

A Tuscan inspired interior encompasses a rustic environment featuring earthy tones with refined wrought-iron accents, textured walls, and terracotta tiles. Image from Flicker by Italian Style Homes Asian

Reminiscent of Japanese and Chinese culture, an Asian inspired interior contains simple oriental accessories that can help you slip into a state of peace and tranquility. These may include calligraphy, woven straw mats, bamboo finishes, floral designs, and low furniture.

With exotic decor such as these, an Asian styled home is always an elegant choice for anyone who wants a taste of a gracious culture. Image from Flicker by Frederick Homes Deco

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