Oh boy, yes, weirdest thing I’ve ever done.? Maybe. cute phone case girlfriend Hey guys, today we’re we’re gonna hop on a little trend and do the Doing somebody’s tutorial trend, and you know, we wanted to do a DIY tutorial because we’re not beauty gurus We’re not I mean we could attempt that but we wanted to try a DIY do something a little bit different We thought long and hard about whose tutorial we should do we wanted to do something that we’ve never tried before and That brings us to glitter forever 17 So we’ve definitely seen over the years asking for collabs with her asking us to do slime stuff and glitter stuff That’s not really our style. We don’t usually do that but today. I’m gonna try it we’re gonna see how it goes We’re gonna be following one of her most popular Tutorials we actually saw this go viral a couple of years ago. It’s her DIY hair brush phone case post Yes, that’s that’s a real thing and we’re gonna try it today I got some team members here that helped me put together a list of what the DIY entails, and we’re gonna go ahead to the store and get get them supplies Okay, you said we need some clear nail polish. Dollar 50.

This is gonna add up. Need this. When our den ships it Haha, that’s so funny. That’s like the same thing we made and the same fabric. They’re cute, though. Yeah Mm-hmm Thank you already it might be easier to paint over if you get the already pink one yeah No just something really play lead only one that’ll work oh We use this one All right do we got all the supplies? I guess I feel like reading I was like gonna start doing this tutorial. No I need to follow the trail also We don’t really follow tutorials, so this is like weird.


I’ve seen this post when I’m fat when it went viral I haven’t seen it recently. I’m really intrigued by what this is spackling like drywall Okay, bye hey that is obnoxious Classic youtuber, I wish I had tinkle lights and the lipstick Matt Is this even warm yet Like real DIY problems this part is always cut out of the post, okay, I know hot glue dries like really fast So like I don’t know what she did here We’re filling in the side I feel like you need to do this otherwise like this would just fall completely off And I’ll just let this dry okay hold on we’re trying the fridge I’ve never put any glue gun project in the fridge to dry. Okay. Is there a reason like are we missing This is like opening us up to like people doing our tutorials and criticizing us. I’m not ready for this We didn’t think this one through Becky me I guess people do our tutorials all the time like what am I saying, but they don’t like some themselves? struggling We struggled for you actually so she went over the handle do I have to I feel like that won’t look good Oh my god. No I Just don’t know what to do. I’m not gonna go over the handle.

I’m sorry. I think I look better This way this is art guys creative liberties Also, my glue is like dripping everywhere Look at this drip edge Okay I’ll just let this dry in the fridge for about was the fridge actually I kind of see why she said to do that now Cause like this will take a while, and she’s like I got things to do and I always have things to do Thank you for that tip Also get yourself a drink because you’ve been working hard See you in ten minutes, I guess okay, we’re back from the fridge and She’s she’s getting there. I think maybe Is this toxic are we allowed to use their fingers on this hold on Contents may be harmful. May irritate eyes and skin is ready to be sanded or painted in one to five hours I can’t even get this open. I don’t want to ruin my nails Okay Pepto-bismol should we put something down she didn’t talk about protecting her surface, but I feel like I should do that Interesting also low-key, what are we gonna do for one to five hours? How’s it looking? It’s looking Like she cover the whole handle and This took time because I should have built it up more with the hot glue and when I was done Now you tell me so I let this set out overnight in front of a Fant Overnight weirdest thing I’ve ever done. Maybe this is high up there on that list oh I feel like I’m a kid in school what I’m like can’t be done yet done let this dry DIY thing we left it overnight, and it’s completely dry now so we’re gonna roll the dough lightly Sanding all of the bumps and creases out of it this took me a good thirty minutes to make it crimson and smooth and perfect friends Okay So a question I have is like don’t your phone cases need to like bend a little bit when you’re putting them on They kind of flex a little bit you know And before I painted I wanted to put some masking tape around the bristles just to make sure that no paint gets on them because I am such a foot actually gonna be finger painting this on so I decided to Okay Okay, so it’s dry applying some clear nail polish and sprinkling some white iridescent glitter all over it It’s so beautiful Imperial I know we bought this But I like this is still so bizarre to me that we’re using nail polish for this and not just like clear lacquer paint Or whatever Mod Podge anything else? I don’t know how I feel about this It’s very weird to use nail polish for this and it’s just like it’s not looking this cute This hurry isn’t I’m just upset about it because I like to do DIY is that I’m good at it Just looks like I’ve spilled salt on my phone. Okay.

Oh boy Okay moving on moving on you could either glue on a small mirror Or you can do what I do boom and glue on some glitter full jewels all right. Let’s do what you do boo Cool That my friends is why we don’t think your hey, you know what I actually thought it would be worries There’s just like oh this little strip of white that didn’t get painted Don’t really know if this is saving it Yes, let’s put a phone in this see if it works. You’re right. It has to be more flexible than this Oh Literally so much glitter is coming off on my fingers. It’s a mess give you a glam time with this yeah You having issues here, I can’t get my phone. Honestly Kutty stop hearted, and now it’s so tight that it can’t bend I mean, can you just break the? Can I have this case when you’re done back here I would really like to use it so I can brush my hair and take selfies Yes, you can you can that parts of it right now? So free scratch my Breland are you seeing what we have to do here. Oh my god.

You owe me a try again. This is the Apple Store? Oh? It’s just so tight on the other corners Okay ray Q phone case girlfriend all right P beautiful DIY Anyways alright, so that was us freak reading someone else’s VRI tutorial I don’t know if we did it as well, or if it turned out cute at all But you can tell us in the comments below If there’s someone else that you think we should attempt their DIYs or their tutorials let us know below as well And who knows maybe we will do this again Thanks so much for reading guys As always if you like this post make sure you like it if you love it make sure you comment it.

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