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Our baby will be arriving soon I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant she could be here at any moment time has gone by so fast we are soaking in these last weeks and are so overjoyed to meet her today’s post is something new welcome back, if you’re new here don’t forget to hit the comment button before you go I wanted to share with you all some of the items we have bought our little princess and things that have been gifted to her I have had many messages and comments to do a baby haul so I’m so excited to share these things with you all let me know, if you want to see a baby 2 core haul post by giving this post a thumbs up and letting me know in the comments down below the pair of socks the gold shoes and the pink headband set with the bows are all from Ross I can pass these up they’re so adorable and the pink pom-pom shoes are from Marshalls for $5.99 she has a lot of items of each thing I just didn’t want to include everything in here.

Because it’d be a huge huge huge haul. And I just wanted to keep it a little short and sweet these bows are also from Ross. And I really like the fabric on them they’re really soft and these next bows are from children’s plays I love the flowers and how delicate they look the bunny headband set was a gift from her great-aunt. And I think it’s just the most precious little thing with a little pearl on the bow and the fuchsia one also has a pearl in the middle.

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But you just can’t see it the flowers hiding it and this flower hat is from Gerber baby these are definitely my favorite bows I have for her so far I love the glam detail on them. And I love that they’re on a headband. Because it just looks like a huge bow on the baby, when it’s on I just can’t wait and here’s a view of them at night I just wanted to show you how they Sparkle they’re so pretty I’m not going to show you everything that I have for her. But on a recent trip to Ross I found all of these items the same day and how to share them with you guys in case you’re interested for your baby girl or for somebody that you know that has a baby how to pick these headband bows out they are so adorable and the colors are really cute I plan on doing a DIY with these white shoes so I’ll show you how they end up looking soon they were $5.

99 of course I had to pick up princess headbands in the matching socks they were really affordable for only $4.99 each set I have a soft spot for socks with details like this for babies it’s just so adorable they were only 399 we are having a spring babies from loving the floral prints and how to get this set it was $5.99 this is one of my favorite onesies. Because it says daddy’s perfect princess my husband.

And I went to Children’s Place and, when he saw this he picked it out himself our baby was the cutest thing ever this princess onesie set comes in a pack of five from Burlington for $9.99. And I thought that was such a great deal and the prints are really adorable this next set I found at Ross and it’s a little three-piece onesie it says I’m so fancy. And I thought that was so funny I couldn’t leave it behind and it has this little stitch diamond on the side and these are the colors and prints these are some of the outfits that were gifted from family they’re from Carter’s and the first outfit says happy little lady it comes with a hoodie with ears and the sweatpants are really soft and love baby clothes everything is always so delicate and sweet and this little ladybug how adorable is that with the floral print I just I’m so excited to dress her up this outfit is so precious to us.

Because her first name has something to do with the universe that’s a little hint of what her name will be we love astronomy especially my husband. But I’ll go more into details after she’s born for her name reveal I love these little ruffles on the shorts they’re so adorable I love link is they’re so cozy and cute I couldn’t help myself I had to pick up a bunch of these for a little girl I have more that I already washed and ready for, when she’s here. But I just wanted to show you some of them that I recently picked up so, if you’re interested in them you can find them all at Ross the furry baby blanket was $6.99 it’s still a little chilly here so they’re great to stock up with some since they’re so affordable you can get many this little pink one was $12.

99 and this star one has to be my favorite. Because her name has something to do with the universe and it’s so beautiful I’m so excited I found this one it’s going to be a little decor piece in her nursery they had it in two other colors white and light purple for only $9.99 it was such a great price this next blanket is really cozy and so plush it has gold stars. And I just love the whole blanket it was $8.

99 this next one is a swaddle and it also has that blanket vibe. And I would just love to find one of these turret myself in I’m so excited for this next item it was sent to me it was a gift from the brand docket ah along with a few other items for our baby. And I wanted to show you how it arrived before I took it out of the box since we are having a spring baby I saw this print. And I knew this was the one out of all the other gorgeous ones they have this one’s called la vie en rose Dhaka Tod is a lounging resting or playing dock that you can take anywhere in the house also we’re going to be taking this, when we go to our family’s house.

And I could just put it on the bed on the couch on the floor. So that the baby will have a secure area where she can lay I picked out the white toy arch that you can attach to the sides of the docket ah so the baby can look and play these are the toys I chose there’s an elephant a fox in an owl since we also love to travel, when I saw that they had a transport bag to place the docket on in I knew this was perfect for easy carrying I went with a midnight teal bag it’s such a convenient thing to have. So that your baby can be with you from place to place easily in a cozy and safe spot this is the deluxe size which is from 0 to 8 months and they also have a larger size the print is seriously so beautiful I had to share an up-close few with you all it also comes with a buckle at the end. So I can easily snap off, when the baby gets bigger her feet can hang out as she grows here’s how everything looks like assembled with a toy arch and the toys that is so adorable they were so kind to send this to our baby girl.

And I can’t wait to try it the transport bag comes with a little bag to place it in, when not using which is a great way to stay organized it has a faux leather handle on a place where you can put your information in I’m zipping it here is the docket ah I left them in its clear packaging bag. And I put the arch in the back along with the toys for easy storage this bag also has a deep pocket in the middle to store away any other little items and here I just place the mini bag in there for now this next item is a little train decorative piece that says love Paris and this has a lot of sentimental value. Because my parents brought this back from Paris, when they went for their anniversary another item that has a lot of sentiments of value is this little crystal carriage my family gifted to us it was the first gift we received, when everyone found out we were pregnant so it’s definitely something that I’m gonna be placing in her nursery there’s a lot of things that are pretty random here. But, if I included everything one by one it would just be a really long post these towels are from Target they’re really soft and the prints are adorable though swaddles are from Target as well and the prints I love I love the little whales and the pink swaddle with the stars it’s just so cute this is one of the big sets that I bought from Carter’s.

And I love the little pink bear it’s so adorable and the polka dots this next one is my favorite says cutest granddaughter ever. And I’m so excited for her grandparents to hold her while they’re feeding her. So I can take a picture her aunty sent her the sweet Minnie Mouse snuggle blanket this head support and strap set was a gift from our baby shower it’s from Target absolutely love the print and the slam was also a gift I thought at first it was a stuffed animal. But it actually starts to play soothing music, when it detects a baby crying to help the baby go back to sleep I look forward to trying it out I thought the idea was pretty cool and it’s from Target I was actually going to buy this Boppy pillow from byebye baby for about $40 for just the pillow without the cover and good thing I held on buying it.

Because I went to Ross recently. And I found this Boppy pillow for only $24.99 including the cover it was such a great price a lot of people have been telling me that I should get a baby wife warmer for the babies. So I went with this munchkin wife warmer from Target also heard a lot of good things about the company honest for babies with shampoo lotions or other little things here and there so I’m gonna be trying that out with her and her Auntie also sent her a bottle warmer which I know will come in handy my mom used these Avent bottles with me and my sisters, when we were babies so she recommended me to use this for our baby and she bought us a couple packs of these they included a dr.

Brown’s bottle for free with the purchase of these from Toys R Us last month in February this last item is an OB diaper pail that I got from byebye baby there are great reviews on this diaper pail. So we went with this one this concludes the post you guys don’t wanted to share these items. So that you can get ideas or pick up anything that you liked, if you have a baby or expecting thank you so much for reading and all your continued love and support and thank you also for 90,000 commentrs you all are such a beautiful blessing and I’ll be talking to y’all soon have a blessed day.

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