Hello my name is Abby and we are here today to kind of bust this Instagram myth / trend busted up, if you guys haven’t seen these like rainbow cast gorgeous photos that are all of our Instagram we were like we want to do that so where do you even start uh yeah how do I bring a rainbow into my house take an Instagram photo I know it’s like actually easier and harder than you might think it is yes. So we actually did some research and found that there was a ton of different ways that people kind of got this to work yes tonight a remote don’t believe it’s that easy no.


But we want to test these different ways out and see, if it work. So we’re going to text in more ways to make a rainbow and also see which one will actually work for taking that Instagram photo yes get it on yo face get it on your ways I know that’s like a big new thing it’s not my face get it okay how do I get it on my face guys as always Before we jump into this post we would love it, if you would hit that comment button we’ve been loving your feedback on all of our posts. And I got so much love coming our way and we’re working our way up to the Millie climb in that Lilly mountain roads Emiliana you guys are like that me up with all these different sayings we love it so great um, if you’re new here feel free to comment tell a friend we love you guys okay do you want know how to make rainbow I do I can’t even look at it. Because it’s so bright is it working you know sorry okay I think this one’s a bust wah wah.

So we’re testing it on a white table here to see, if we can get a rainbow at all let alone on our faces here you can see there is the tiniest little bit of rainbow. But it’s definitely not going to work for Instagram photo glass of water I give you like pretty much a zero out of five I mean you saw a rainbow alycesaundra. But okay one one out of five what about your face bye safe getting it on her face the era of zero next up we have these little crystal e shaped diamonds like am i right am i right lady to your right um that we got from the dollar store they’re totally plastic so they aren’t glass they aren’t crystals um. But they are plastic.

And I can even just like looking at it I can like see some rainbow reflections in it point to the Sun good wait okay overall I feel like this one works. But just not for this not for Instagram this guy you know he does make a pretty gorgeous rainbow in a circle. But as far as like that straight rainbow line I’m not seeing no and this doesn’t send the rainbow that far I mean it’s really only just on the table so, if you want to get that onto your face a lot harder so for our plastic crystals plastic diamond lots of diamonds I’m thinking like their works on the table a little bit maybe like a two two or three here three rainbows so for space rainbows I think the zero zero is all no Instagram photo next up is your standard CD this one I saw a ton on of people getting rainbows also CDs. So I was feeling like super confident about this one I mean you look at it and you see a frickin rainbow really salsa swimmers works everyone got this to work I’m not even joking how come I can’t do it did an angle thing that’s coming to me at all it’s getting me.

But why isn’t rainbow I don’t know I don’t know why this didn’t work for us I feel like this might have just been a case scenario like you might be able to get it to work yeah like wrong light for us wrong CD tight, if you guys know what we did wrong or better way to make the CD work please let us know below. Because it’s so frustrating us everyone getting it to work me why why not us go CD the CD 0 0 all across the table so next up is the Swarovski crystal this came from the craft store and floral seat rustles are not that cheap either which is why I thought this would actually work better. Because it’s like a legitimate crystal it’s not plastic I mean it’s not a diamond like we’re not talking hundred dollars here we’re talking like you know 20 bucks 10 20 depending on where you’re going to kind of use a coupon off. But yeah.

So you know not cheap as our dollar store Phebe’s either I can see rainbows in it and they look around your shirt a little bit you see them Clea blue dots you like to listen you feel like right under it is it were you look work it. So I just want to freaking Instagram photo bro oh okay that’s cool I can’t see it on camera. But I mean the only thing is that this would be like right you know you’re like what what how’d you do that bro oh wait I could tell us in the photo I got crystal light on your face and again, if you look in this one you can see your rainbow by looking at it. So I was confident about this one as you can see on the table here it reflects out light at past blue half ready yellow yes interesting how it split it up kind of one or the other and again it made little dots on the table which is cool pretty.

But how do you get down on your feet frosty crystal there’s something pretty cool on the table. So I mean. Because of a super cool unique I’m going to give it like like 3x re yeah aha three and a half your knife rainbows. And I mean on your face it did something cool – it’s just not what we were looking for so maybe like it’s too – something alright I don’t know who came up with this one I mean a scientist obviously this is a bowl filled with water that you stick a mirror in – yes and then the light goes through the water and reflects off the mirror see it no right yes so type in my face there there there oh I see it okay okay yeah it’s pretty good actually okay yeah oh yes oh my godness that’s pretty good much more subtle in a good way though you should be able to get the kind of rainbow I mean this one again we smell like a watery wave mm-hmm and it wasn’t not strong either no.

But I / playing with it though member we did get it to get like sort of a straight rainbow yeah I took a lot of playing with though yeah I mean that’s the key for all these honestly we spent a lot of time with each one just like an American real silly like in there surfing it is it weird using water near water mere Bowl I’m in a say it actually did work not the best. But it worked so maybe four yeah maybe a four in a first phase rainbow like three three, if you want something that’s definitely going to work this brings us to our last one that was definitely the most successful way yeah it’s a good old grade school prism so prism we got this one online you can get them at like science stores probably like a museum signing me up – I think our kids toy store maybe yes teachers resources anyways prism totally work like that’s what they’re made for they’re made to make rainbow with the lane – huh come on Instagram oh oh wow that was so easy are you kidding me you are welcome okay. But this took two seconds to go. And I think we’ve done it right yeah I mean I mean you’re I was I mean I can’t I feel like like an eye or like like as, if it was a highlighter is what they what the girls do I don’t know, if I can really get it on that angle so um this one it still took you know some playing around with.

But you get it pretty quickly you just have to get it on the right angle we found them since it does have the flat side putting the like corner pointy edge directly at the Sun, if you like find the Sun also be careful, when you’re trying to find the some of your eyes oh yeah this isn’t the best thing to do for your eyes. But be careful be careful um we were pointing the corner edge at the Sun and then letting the light come out the flat side and yeah that was the best way to get it this 100 pound words and this is like turns up. So I mean not that bad I just want to put it up in our space and then just see, when rainbows hit it um it’s a cute thing huh it’s pretty cool pretty cool prism I mean eyes all across the board right high five five yet yeah this stuff’s great yeah okay okay so a couple things we learn from it and he definitely needs like super bright direct or bright sunlight we tried this we were like ready to post this another day by day and it was a cloudy day even though we smell a bright light in here it was just cloudy it wasn’t like super harsh and direct, and we just could not make a rainbow a Tiffani thank you guys so much for reading this post I hope you liked our weird little excited to find bias experiment yeah we’re trying to figure out yeah actually just like we want to do this how are we going to do this I think we need to do at time yeah and this is actually really fun idea there’s any sort of like weird sciency trend miss thing you want us to decode yeah let us know I’d love to figure it out I know we’re like problem solvers we do that with the DIY side of things so now we’re trying to with everything and everything why not are you guys want you’re reading, if you’d like a post make sure that you like it give it something loves it please stop it make sure you comment thank you comment, and we will see you in our next post ah I wait before you go we are doing this fun thing every Thursday from now until like forever yeah we’re doing live streams guys didn’t you haven’t already seen them reading live streams every Thursday q PM p SP specific santa times 5 p.m.

, if you’re a fan time and then convert that for whatever time zone you might be in yes we do like a fun topic every week we take your questions that kind of stuff chat about what’s going on with us yeah and they’re up on our blog afterwards, if you watch it. But we would love it you guys tune in, when you were live. Because then we can like chat with you yes we respond to a lot of questions and comments and it’s really really fun yeah it’s called and chill our new live stream show every Thursday so see you there Thursday 5 p.m.

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