Hey do you have floppy syndrome apparently our two tubes are not stiff enough for you it’s I just dip it up so many comments so we’ll do it so basically with me today to help you make your tea too stiff. Because I know, when you want to buy a cheap tooth – – they’re really floppy they’re really floppy like between 15 and 30 dollars you’re not going to get that nice stiff pinky goes for like $100 yeah and you can leave those for my professional dance studios and dance stores and stuff. So we’re going to tell you how to make a floppy – – that you get off Amazon, and we have some links below on where to get them.


Because all of you asked in our box Swan and weights on posts, if you saw those they’re here yeah so we’ll tell you where to get the lock at you – and then how to make it stiff it’s really easy so yeah this is the final product you can see how it’s like so stiff and strong and all you to do is put a little wire on so yeah let’s start that now okay so the first thing you’re gonna do is get your flock – to get pair scissors some tape needle and thread and wire yeah whatever um we actually are a little sneaky people and cut our wire out of a witch’s hat what we got from the dollar store of Halloween time it was like two dollars yeah. But you don’t have that don’t worry just go to a craft store and get somewhat thick wire that air thick thicken up the like get a hold of shape. But you can bend it yourself yeah bend into a circle or the wire that we had that was in the Hat it was so straight that like, when you bent it no chance choice than to come to a circle so, when you put your tutu down you’re gonna want to make sure that you kind of stretch it so it’s a little bit more oval shape kinda like the way you are. Because you’re not complete circle you’re more of your hips or wider than the other hopefully no yes so you’re kind of more of an oval shape so you’re gonna want to mimic that so look where yeah make into an oval shape and then your ear wire is also gonna try to be in an oval shape it’s hard.

Because it always wants to be in a circle. But surco an oval does not matter. But make sure your truth is at least an opal yeah. Because most tutus have the longer layers on the top and then underneath it gets shorter and shorter so that’s supposed to help it make it stay up.

But let’s be serious, when you’re buying a cheap – – that’s not going to happen so you’re going to flip it over um so you’re looking at the bottom side and there should be you should be able to see that there’s a thin layer of tulle the smallest yeah and you’re going to want your um the wire circle to be just an inch away from the edge of the tool yeah so really close yeah so take your tape and tape the wire together so it stays in a circle shape and then really all you do is just take a knee bone thread it so it’ll it’s easier to pin it that’s what I did before. But today I just stuff for handed areas yeah um. So that is how you make a stiff – too stiff – – this was from my mama dukes she the idea, when we were trying to carve blocks wanna questions yes yes it’s weird how it works that way I like it just holds it up physics what are you I am what do you think about it it’s trying to collapse right. But it can’t.

Because it’s it hurts my brain I know. But it works so just do it yeah Oh like we said before legs blown where you can get a tutu for pretty cheap mm-hmm and you guys are really curious rhubarb locks on and whites on costumes this tutu as well as my box want I was a dancer so those are actually dance hot shoes which you can’t even get, if you want to I can get, if I wanted to it’s kind of you have to get it through like your dance again studio and that’s also why I have the little butt things which are nice and you can find it to do that has those get them. Because they look better right. But but the one I had for my whites one one didn’t have that and it worked just as well yeah.

And I got mine from, if you’re in Canada in Toronto there’s a store called mal bars and it’s like a costume / dance store and they sell to – is that ever really cheap so that’s where I got mine. And I worked out grades, and we all said yeah I was like you send me links below and good luck let some PR questions yeah hopefully we come as well yeah best of luck on everything guys and thanks for reading bye.

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