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How To Design Your Home Painting

How To Design Your Home Painting
Filling cracks
Any cracks should be filled with an interior filler. Using a scraper, first clean out the crack, removing any loose plaster or dust. Then, with an old paintbrush and clean water, dampen the crack and the surrounding area, so that it will bond well with the filler. Overfill the crack with all-purpose filler. Large holes can be built up in layers, but you will need to allow plenty of drying time between each one. Allow the filler to dry thoroughly and finally sand it smooth and level with the surrounding wall surface.
• Dust sheets: either plastic or fabric.
• Old spoon: handle to be used to open pots of paint.
• Scraper: wide-bladed, to remove patches of flaking paint.
• Filling knife: to press filler into holes and cracks.
• Wooden dowel: to mix paint.
• Sugar soap or household detergent: to dean down walls prior to painting.
• Interior or all-purpose filler: to fill cracks or holes in walls.
• Large decorator’s sponges: to wash down walls.
• Clean glass jars: to soak brushes, store small quantities of paint and numerous other uses.
• Face mask, eye protection and disposable gloves: essential when working with solvents and other harsh decorating materials.
• Painting platform: for reaching high ceilings and painting in hallways.

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