Hi guys . And I am here from Astoria girls. And I get a ton of questions you guys asking how I style my hair especially since I chopped it short a lot of you guys want to know how to style short hair i’ma show you exactly what I do and honestly it’s the simplest thing ever like almost no steps like almost no products.

But you guys want to know anyways. So I will tell you so keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different and my hair is quite thick and quite frizzy. And I have just learned to deal with it I’m having this hair my whole life so the biggest thing that I do I guess is I am a night shower or I take a shower at night and then I let it kind of sit and, when I wake up in the morning it looks just like this, if I try and let it air dry during the day it becomes frizzy mess so this is the first step is to kind of sleep on it and then let it wake up kind of like this so the first thing I’m going to do is section it off. Because I have a lot of hair I kind of have to do this in layers so for the majority of this style I’m going to be using a curly one and this is a one inch and then how I do this is I just take random pieces like I’m no hairstylist here and it’s point the curly one down.


And I just wrap chunks around it. And I kind of leave the end out a little bit and then pull it out and then what you can do is kind of like pull it out with your hand so it kind of sets a little bit looser then like a tight curl and then I pretty much repeat this process for most of my hair going through pull guys hold it for a couple seconds leaving the end out and then you can kind of pull it as it sets so it becomes looser as it sets and then every once in a while a good thing to do is to do the curl the opposite direction that you’re doing the other ones. So that over time they don’t all just kind of melt into one giant curl you want them to be very piecey so I’m just gonna repeat this on pretty much all my hair and I’ll come back, when I’m almost done and then for the fraud pieces I pretty much do the same thing that I was doing the whole time which is just a curl. But make sure your curling easel away from your face okay so this is looking pretty good and some days I just leave it like this.

But mostly time I like to do some finishing touches with a Harrow spoiler so what I do with the hair straighteners I go in. And I kind of flatten out my roots which is the opposite of what most people would want they want volume. But I naturally have like a ton of volume. So I like to kind of deal with that and then I go in.

And I kind of straighten the ends a little to to give it more of that like Lincoln look you’ll see so yeah I’m just kind of flattening where my part is so it looks a little nicer make sure you’re just doing the top. So you don’t like kill any that curl we just put in and like I said I also do the ends a little bit looking pretty good and then the very last step I do is I just take some regular coconut oil make sure it’s the cold-pressed kind I don’t know why actually people just said that’s better for hair. And I just use a little bit take a little bit out and you can kind of warm it in your hands so it becomes more than oil. And I just put this on my ends or anywhere where my hair is really really dry and it just makes it look really healthy and things.

But don’t do it too close to your roots. Because then you don’t get greasy fast girls so that’s it that’s how I do my hair you guys asked me this is pretty much what I do every time it’s super simple super easy like almost zero products also just keep in mind guys this is what I do for my hair this is not going to be like the miracle technique for every hair type ever I have a lot of thick wavy hair and this is just what works for me and hopefully this helped you guys and taught you what you guys wanted to know thanks so much for checking out this post and we’ll see you next time bye.

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