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Guys wallpaper is here to stay. So if you’ve ever considered bringing it into your home but felt overwhelmed of where to start stick with me I’m going to give you some my best tips and make sure to stay to the end because that created something super special for you as well. So tip number one in choosing your wallpaper is you got to figure out where to put it and this is where I think just stops a lot of us and we get stuck. So I want to share with you some of my favorite places to put wallpaper to get you inspired and thinking about it the first one is the bathroom and love it in a powder room and here’s where you can go really crazy and have it different from the rest of house and have that be that little jewel area I also love it behind a bedroom behind a bed in a bedroom I think it creates a great focal point and adds a lot of texture interest I love it in a hallway as well you know sometimes we’ve got these boring little hallways I think wallpapers great options and then sort of odd walls I’ve got wallpaper on a wall behind my fridge because it’s just sort of a wall that wasn’t doing anything behind a TV is a great idea as well mats the TV or behind the couch.

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So really actually wallpaper can go anywhere the second tip I want to give you with choosing wallpaper you’re thinking about wallpaper is you’ve got to decide which camp you’re in and what I mean by that are you in the bold camp or you in the calming camp and because wallpaper just like paint really affects how you feel and how you feel in the space. So for example if you want your powder room like I talked about to be really fun and bold and fresh then you might go with bright colors and bold patterns if say in your bedroom you wanted it to feel cozy and warm and inviting then you might go with more of a tone on tone or a grass cloth wallpaper. So really think about that as well and how it’s going to mix with the rest of the room and then my third tip when choosing wallpaper is measure if you are really going to need to measure up your space really carefully and also get samples most wallpaper places out there will provide you little samples of it and this will help you with the color but your engine also provide you with the measuring guys.

So you’re going to want to measure and you’re going to want to get sampled before committing to it. So I hope this has inspired you to not be scared of wallpaper and to give it a try but I know it can be still overwhelming especially with all the selections out there. So to make it a little easier what I did is created a little source sheet for you of some of my favorite wallpaper and we’re going to suggest you put them and you can link to that below if you liked this post I’d love it if you could like it make sure you comment and share it with your family and friends.

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