Home Renovation Design

Home Renovation Design

In the front board, drill holes in each corner and use them as starting points for cutting the hole in which to insert the grille. Clamp a board to the panel to act as a straight guide and cut the hole out with an electrical jigsaw. In the sides, cut access holes so that you will be able to reach the thermostatic valve. Also cut slots for the airflow at the top and base of the front panel.

To finish the access hatch hole, cut strips of bevelled beading that will fit the space snugly, mitring the corners. Then cut an insert square and glue or nail on the strips to the outer edge of each side. This panel should fit your access hole. Drill a hole in the centre to allow you to pull out the panel with your finger. Alternatively, simply nail beading around the hole and leave the space in the middle open.

Cut lengths of beading to frame the main grille hole, mitring at the corners. Nail into position. Hide any unevenness in the edges of this frame by nailing a narrow, flat beading strip over the join between the frame beading and the edge of the front board.

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